Sunday, February 25, 2018

Thinking about all the amazing things coming from blockchain technology sometimes makes me a little lazy. New companies break into the crypto stratosphere every day and my job is to write about them.

So let’s dive in!

As a user you are at the core of lympo. Imagine making money to stay healthy. Lympo gives you a LYM token to achieve your health goals.
We recommend that you create a new year’s resolution to cut a few pounds. But after a few months when there is not enough reason in the world to keep you pushing the pain, getting some LYM tokens can keep you going!

With your LYM token, you can purchase health promoting goods and services from LYMPO. So no, you do not get physical money with your LYM token, but you can buy for example, an exercise session with a fitness trainer. Sounds like a free gym membership for healthy eating. Helping you not think? After all, you do not need another reason to buy a gift steak.

As a user, you can do the following:

  1. for personalized and personalized lifestyle products and services:
    With the LYMPO repository of 500 fitness professionals, you will have a wide array of goods and services to choose from.
  2. Try to benefit from the data you generate while storing health and sports data in one place:
    With total control of your personal health data, you can get some LYM tokens with the data you generate — or not. It all depends on you.
Extra and fun motivation to achieve healthy lifestyle goals:
Imagine being able to train an exercise session with the best coach because you run 5 kilometers every day. It’s a win-win and more win, honey!
Getting user-generated data:
From their whitepaper,

users can purchase more options for their health data storage and sports on
Lympo platform, such as reminders and health advice based on submitted data. Every person with a token will receive discounts and products offered by our [lympo’s] partners: sports and health businesses, healthy food providers and supplements, etc.

As a user you can buy goods and services with the data you generate on the lympo platform.

Collect data to view or share:
When your data comes out together, you can get tokens to authorize sharing or view data.

users will create most of the data in the system, and will be able to monetize their activity. They will have full control over their data within the system, and on request will be able to authorize access to the Proxy Data Company.

Disconnect further use of data and pricing:
As a user you can decide on what your data should be used for, who to go to and what not. Remember, you are at the core of lympo. And your contribution is the key to success.

Receive tailor-made services based on interests and health data:
Based on your health data and interest, lympo will provide you with goods and services. Lympo has a community vibration for it and it would be great to be part of a like-minded community whose primary focus remains healthy.

Most likely that big operation can make money with your health data but you are not paid, right? With lympo you can control what data is put out there and who can access that data. Plus your data gets you a token that can be used to get healthy stuff.

Token Distribution
265 million. LYM = 5000 ETH
Bonus 20% to 90 million. LYM 1 ETH = 60,000 LYM
The remaining 175 million. LYM 1 ETH = 50,000 LYM
Date: January 23 — February 3
(or during inventory)

385 million LYM = 9625 ETH
1 ETH = 40,000 LYM
Date: February 17 — February 28
(or during inventory)

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