Digipharm: Brings Value-Based Health for Life Using Blockchain Technology

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
The Digipharm team is proud to present our official white book. We invite you to view it by visiting our website at:

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What is Digipharm?
Our solution aims to accelerate the much-needed restructuring of health care delivery systems from 'cost to service' to a value-based approach. Digipharm passed the infrastructure limitations to enable the adoption of flexible pricing agreements using smart contracts, the development of real-world 'real' first-world evidence data and the ability to reward patients for contributing their data. We aim to leverage innovative blockchain technology to address patient access barriers and innovative pricing, reduce costs for all stakeholders and drive value enhancement

Who are we
Digipharm will enable health restructuring by combining industry expertise and next generation technologies. Our success will be measured by improving patient outcomes, reducing costs, and powerful DPH token utilities.

DIGIPHARM Brings 2nd Place in 2018 Leadership Leadchain Summit Pitch Competition Exhibition at Denver Day4Crypto

DIGIPHARM Brings 2nd Place in 2018 Leadership Leadchain Summit Pitch Competition Exhibition at Denver Day4Crypto

Many industry leaders gathered to attend the Blockchain Leadership Summit in Zurich, Switzerland on March 9 to discuss the current situation and forecast the future of a decentralized world. Digipharm is not only exhibited, but we also have the opportunity to participate in pitch startup competition. This is our first time performing in a pitch competition and from 30 participants, Digipharm takes second place! The feedback our team received was very positive.

Denver Day4Crypto
on March 10 focused on educating members of the crypto community about an approachable point of entry into the world of blockchain and valuable additional resources for those entirely immersed in the industry. There are many participants, ranging from experienced professionals to those who just get their feet wet in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Zach and Meredith spoke to hundreds of people about Digipharm's vision, everyone - everyone agreed that our solution was needed and a good use case for blockchain.

Denver Day for Crypto Participants Includes:
  • Peter Vessenes, managing director, New Alchemy
  • Erik Voorhees, CEO & founder, Shapeshift
  • Grace Torrellas, founder, Giveth
  • Nils Veenstra, managing partner, BECON
  • Shawn Owen, CEO of SALT Lending
  • Grame Moore, VP Marketing
  • Tracy Lechner, shareholder, Brownstein, Hyatt Farber Schreck
  • Marshall Hayner, CEO, Metal Payment
  • Joshua Finkleman, managing partner, Colorado Blockchain Capital
We will be attending various events over the coming months, so we look forward to meeting you there.

Partnership Announcement: DIGIPHARM + Swiss Digital Health

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Swiss Digital Health to achieve our goal of making value-based health a reality, while making patient data more accessible to providers, patients, payers and producers. Swiss Digital Health works with innovative technology startups, hosted hackathons, and continues to connect large companies and the life science industry with designers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. The Digipharm team is eager to encourage large-scale adoption while working with Swiss Digital Health.

Digipharm is proud to announce our official cooperation with Swisscom Blockchain, founded by Swisscom. With more than 11.6bil CH (12.2bil USD) revenue in 2017, Swisscom is a leading telecommunication company in Switzerland and one of the leading IT companies. Two thirds of Swiss citizens use the Swisscom Network, and 51.0% of firms are owned by the Swiss Confederation.

What is Swiss Digital Heath?
Swiss Digital Health is actively supporting companies that develop digital solutions for unmet and emerging health problems, such as Digipharm does.

They aim to bring together people and organizations in the fields of health, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the academic sector to develop new ideas that will improve the global health care system, drive change and drive innovation in health care by breaking down barriers.

Swiss Digital Health provides a creative and dynamic environment where all stakeholders can collaborate and rapid prototype solutions in response to health and care challenges.

What is a Fees for Service Price?
In the simplest terms, value-based health services focus on pricing based on patient outcomes compared to volume.

The health care industry underwent a paradigm shift to value-based care because of growing demand, an aging population, chronic illness and unsustainable levels of health spending. The healthcare system is transitioning towards value-based care to prevent rationing of services and increasing costs for patients and payers without sacrificing quality of care. The provision of health care from a value-based perspective is based on the underlying goal of producing optimal patient outcomes relative to monetary outlays. Value-based pricing agreements are one of a series of options in a range of innovative pricing solutions. Ultimately, this solution is set with the goal of providing access to the right medicine, at the right time to the patient and at the right cost for the health care system and the manufacturer.

The Insights Platform will extract anonymized patient-level data from Reimburse platforms and health information systems to the world's first 'direct' RWE database. Insight will provide a symbiotic solution with Reimburse to complement the progressive transformation toward a value-based healthcare system. The development of 'live' evidence storage will enable knowledge integration back to the delivery system in real time to facilitate decision making, drug development and health-related research. Patients will be given an incentive to donate their health information to the Insight platform and will gain access to valuable health information that is currently unattainable.

Uniform and standardized inputs for smart contracts packaged in the Reimburse platform and Digipharms integration order integration architecture to health information systems are immediately addressing some of the limitations observed by conventional RWD collection and database generation, thus speeding up time for availability. consistent and 'ready to use' RWE output. Additional health-related data such as genome data will also be linked to the Insight platform in partnership with the industry's leading evidence providers, to create an unparalleled health data market in preparation for a value-based future and based on health data. The use of cryptographically encrypted blockchain technology also eliminates all patient privacy and data security concerns affecting current RWE generation systems. There is no "live" RWE database currently available.

Use and dependence on RWE develops and will have a major impact in support of clinical research, experimental execution and decision making in health care.

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