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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Konios is a platform that works for digital buying and selling for funds using technology (F2F), called "face to face". The exchange is done quickly and securely, even via smartphones. The task of this platform is to simplify the entrance to cryptomir to the average person. The sum of the sum of the sum of the sum of the total amount of technology. Natural consumption in a young system provides a healthy and basic growth of cryptodilation.

Its mission is to provide the easiest access to the crypt community in the world. Currently, it is possible to receive money in currency with currency, money, money, or money with various online platforms. Nevertheless, many people can not gain a foothold in the crypt community. The collection of necessary personal data, as well as the grueling handling of platforms with time-consuming records and platform operator uncertainty, raise issues with serious and unpopular issues. Aggregate provisions on this, additional fees and necessary cooperation for the relevant banks and states. Introduction is often described more simply in real implementation.

Whether you use FIAT or Cryptocurrency, you can use this platform for your money solution. Because it upholds the flexibility in currency exchange, you will be able to do it both locally and digitally. Using the Konios decentralization platform, you can be sure to make uniform exchanges anytime, anywhere you want.

The Konios platform has the ambition to fill the crypto world. The Konios platform also has a wider audience as it is perfect for beginners or newcomers who have limited knowledge about trading platforms. Users will have the same opportunity to join a supportive community and benefit from exchange activities that are accommodated by the platform.

As we know, exchanging cryptocurrency with Fiat money can be very scary in many countries. The Konios platform will eliminate all the difficulties when you perform such activities. Users can reach crypto in Fiat money exchange. The most widely used currency is Euro, Dollar, and Yen. You can achieve it by using online platform like credit card, internet banking, or escrow.

However, in terms of security, many people do not have peace of mind with conventional methods. Not to mention that they need to be objective about the disclosure of personal information, time consuming administrative processes, bureaucracy, fees, and many other challenges.

In the Konios platform, you no longer need to deal with the difficulty. Even better, you will be able to trade with your only smartphone and a decent internet connection. The transaction process is a peer-to-peer system in which no third party is involved.

If you are looking for the easiest currency exchange platform, Konios is definitely the one for you.

Details of ICO

Token: KON
Platform: Ethereum
Standart: ERC20
Amount: 5,000,000,000 KON
Price: 1 KON = 0.01 USD
Soft cap:
Hard cap: 29,000,000 USD


Amount of: 100,000,000 KON
Beginning: 01/03/2018
Completion: 31/03/2018


amount of: 3750000000 KON
Start: 2018/01/05
Completion: 2018/06/30
Bonus: 700'000'000 KON-35%
               120'000'000 KON-20%
               30'000'000 KON-10%

Distribution of tokens and allocation of funds

Our team

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