SHIVOM- Creating a Global Transformation Ecosystem

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Shivom is driving the next genomic era through identity technology that protects blockchain, personalizes health care, life-changing. Lead to transformational convergence technology with omics blockchain, intelligence and learning machines to deliver safe and personalized drugs with global scalability.

The future of the times, where the genome data is spreading everywhere, with its understanding to improve health is available and accessible to everyone. Shivom is a pioneer in ecosystem omics, to make vision into one, the first to develop modern blockchain technology.

The company will also build a modern and non-profit organization for the discovery of medicines and precision medicines. Shivom Researchers will use tools and methods, data-driven, in particular, learning methods, which serve to improve health systems and services around the world. Blockchain technology is a technical partner, being able to solve problems, including patients, ownership data, data integrity and authentication. Blockchain can also manage complex rights data and allow seamless access through smart contracts.

Shivom's Vision - Changing the Future of Health

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Shivom Project.
Over the past few years, genomics and blockchain have achieved the potential to significantly improve global health care. Genome treatment has major implications for the understanding and treatment of 7,000 rare diseases, as well as cancer, complex diseases such as cardiovascular and neurodegenerative, and infections. Project Shivom is the next evolutionary step in this development by creating a medical genomic ecosystem in blockchain. For the first time, the ecosystem will offer open web markets for other providers to add not only genomic, but also analytical, information and related applications and services to encourage personalized medicine. We further aim to expand our services to form a global network of laboratories and research centers, as well as genetic counselors and related services. On top of this global ecosystem we will build a non-profit R & D organization to serve underserved, and deliver targeted genomic sequence and health care technologies. By utilizing blockchain technology, research institutes will be based on open collaboration and innovation, which optimally connects patients, doctors, researchers, insurance companies, and clinical laboratories to each other. The Shivom platform works on the principles of collaboration, openness, and integrity that allow patients to have their genome data, have full access to it, and monetize it in blockchain.
Blockchain technology is ideal for addressing most of the trust issues, such as patient approval, unclear data ownership, data integrity, or user authentication, enabling complex data rights management and excellent access using smart contracting. Using state-of-the-art blockchain technology means access to improved data security, easier data sharing, increased patient engagement, better quality 'large data' analytics, enhanced R & D processes and intelligence-based diagnostics made for all participants. Our vision is that Shivom is the largest genomic data center on the planet. Thus, this new large ecosystem will create value for individuals, nonprofit organizations, governments, and nonprofit entities.

We strongly believe that Shivom will transform the fields of genomics, personal care, and personalized medicine, for those in remote communities, and for the global system. We encourage feedback on our projects and white books, and are happy to share further developments with you when they become available.

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Details of ICO

Token: OMX
Platform: Ethereum
Standart: ERC20
Quantity: 3,000,000,000 OMX
Price: 1 OMX = 0,00014
Payment: ETH, BTC, ETH, USD
Soft Cap: 12.960.435 USD
Hard Cap: 64.802.173 USD

Distribution of tokens and allocation of funds


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