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Friday, May 25, 2018

ECOMI have just completed their first product in a suite of fin-tech solutions. And whilst the Secure Wallet is set to disrupt the world of cold wallet storage, it is merely the poster child for the wider ECOMI ecosystem. Step inside to truly understand the scope and vision of this dynamic company, and see how their products interact so that you can enjoy all of their benefits right from the start.

Who is ECOMI, and What Do They Do?

ECOMI is a security, economy, and digital ecosystem supported by ORBIS Blockchain Technologies Ltd. By creating a user-friendly platform, ECOMI brings the benefits of blockchain technology (namely decentralization, privacy, and security) to the mainstream with a combination of physical products and software solutions.

How Does the ECOMI Ecosystem Work?

The ECOMI ecosystem utilizes blockchain technology and digital assets to combine four primary sectors in the space:

  • Protection of private keys (for crypto-assets and DApps).
  • Real world cryptocurrency payments.
  • Crypto-Collectables.
  • Secure storage and sharing of data and information
By using smart contracts to execute arbitrary functions, the ECOMI platform allows for immutable protection of assets, and the decentralization of data storage. By providing a means to securely store private keys off-line (through the Secure Wallet or ECOMI One), users can rest assured their digital assets are safe regardless of whether they’re cryptocurrencies, DApps, or personal/sensitive data and information.

ECOMI Product Suite

At the heart of the ECOMI Ecosystem is the ECOMI companion app. By developing a familiar and user-friendly platform for you- the user- to interact with, the team at ECOMI have seamlessly bridged the gap between the tech-savvy crypto world and the mainstream population. Not to mention bringing the benefits of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and crypto-collectibles to the masses.

ECOMI currently has 4 products/market solutions in development, which are all powered by the ECOMI companion app:
  1. The Secure Wallet- a Physical hardware wallet to store Crypto-Currencies and private keys. This is due to launch in June 2018.
  2. ECOMI One- The only card you’ll ever need to carry. The ECOMI One builds on the impressive Secure Wallet technology and can store 20+ cryptocurrencies, FIAT, and an NFC enabled credit, debit, loyalty and membership cards. By using an inbuilt exchange capability, ECOMI One allows you to pay for everyday items in the currency of your choice.
  3. ECOMI Collect- Bringing recognizable and licensed digital collectibles to the masses, with AR capabilities.
  4. ECOMI Vault- this SAAS solution combines cloud sharing/storage and distributed ledger technology to securely store, share, and access data, and protects your intellectual property.

Whilst each product in the ECOMI arsenal is powerful in its own right, it is the interaction of these solutions that truly lend strength to the wider ECOMI ecosystem. As adoption of these technologies continues to grow, so too will the capabilities and practicalities of the network.

ECOMI Ecosystem Blueprint

The ECOMI Ecosystem is designed to return your right to, and power over, personal ownership, privacy, and control. Through the interaction of products listed above, the ecosystem blueprint includes (but is not limited to):
  • A decentralized application marketplace
  • ECOMI exchange (liquidity provider)
  • Personal data, identity protection, and storage. Including basic identification, usernames, passwords, credit card information, passports, licenses and more.
  • The recording, protection, and sharing of Intellectual property
  • A broad variety of P2P asset exchange platforms including, but not limited to, cryptocurrencies, messaging platforms, social media, encrypted file and data storage.
The ECOMI DApp Marketplace

Until recently, DApps have been the domain of coders, start-ups, fin-tech businesses and serious enthusiasts. ECOMI aims to streamline and simplify the way everyone else uses and interacts with DApps by creating the ECOMI DApp marketplace.

Operating in a similar manner to Apples App Store, or Google Play for Android, the ECOMI App will not only provide access to ECOMI’s DApps (Wallet, Collect and Vault) but also creates a platform for third party developers to market their own DApps. By offering a mobile and desktop version, as well as browser extensions for some features, ECOMI aims to bring the benefits of DApps into the mainstream without making it an unfamiliar process.

At its core, the ECOMI Ecosystem is based around the ability to store private keys offline via the Secure Wallet and ECOMI One. This applies to holders of crypto-assets, digital collectables, and intellectual property as well as the developers of DApps. By storing private keys offline for all of these functions/applications, ECOMI adds an extra layer of security to the blockchain architecture, and the network is inadvertently strengthened with every new user.

Token Stages & Allocations

The OMI Token may be utilized in a variety of ways. To begin, the OMI Token will be used for application access in the ECOMI Ecosystem in the form of staking - A certain number of tokens will be required on the address (private key) associated with the DApp being used.

For example, in the proposed ECOMI Vault system, after the user has created an account, and has an associated address (private key) within the ECOMI App, to access and use the decentralized storage they will have the option to ‘stake’ OMI tokens, which is to place funds in the address (private key) to gain access to the services. If the tokens were moved out of the address, the user would need to use another payment method, such as fiat or cryptocurrencies, to continue using the service. This staking function, along with fiat and cryptocurrency payment, will be an option on all ECOMI services.

The preference here is to stake your tokens in your address associated with the DApp and have access to all features, essentially free of ongoing costs. It’s as simple as holding the minimum number of tokens in your associated address within the DApp, to ensure you will always have free access. Staking will be available on ECOMI Vault, ECOMI Collect, and all future DApps.

The Token sale will happen in two stages, private presale, and crowdsale:

Tokens sale proceeds are allocated in accordance with Ecomi’s long-term development goals for the operational costs and product development:




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Looking for more information? Access the ECOMI Whitepaper here to learn more about ECOMI’s DApps and the DApp marketplace, contact us on telegram or leave a comment below!


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