Thursday, May 24, 2018

Payera emerged as a tool to avoid intermediaries by creating a new crypto currency that is not connected with financial institutions, and avoid unnecessary exchange costs. The Payera platform can disrupt many of these intermediaries and act as a layer similar to a central bank that overcomes severe headaches in the absence of any obligation.

Payera is a huge investment platform, open to investors worldwide, this platform is designed for global crypto currency buffs and gives them the opportunity to participate in project development (ICO).

Payera relies on the capabilities of the best and best-known online business company in Asia as a whole, but is far less demanding in management.

The vision of this team is to become the world's number one cryptographic company with the largest number of customers worldwide, where investors / cryptographic owners can easily make purchases on the Internet. We also want to complete major cryptological stages worldwide and are inclusive.

Buyers will surely face criminals, as Payera offers full customer insurance for all transactions made through the Payera Platform. This guarantee combines any basic and additional regular benefits. You also have the opportunity to swap anything from your pocket in your wallet

Payera offers a small transaction fee for merchants worldwide: "Merchants also have the opportunity to exchange their wallets inside without removing anything.The merchant receives forgotten answers, builds on cryptography, and makes the number of legitimate transactions Payera offers a full guarantee of instability in the crypto market, offering discretionary payments to Fiat or required for crypto currency as a method of payment.


Despite many advantages of blockchain technology and crypto transactions including extreme speed, low fees and high flexibility, cryptocurrencies are only rarely used as payments. Buyers and sellers are insecure due to floating rates and complicated applications. For this reason, enterprises still use the traditional Fiat payment systems are connected to banks and financial institutions. Buyers want the security that transactions with cryptocurrencies provide a protected trade and -in case of a problem arises - a guaranteed refund of the payment. Sellers want to increase their turnover and establish themselves in the crypto scene. This is why PAYERA has set a goal to establish trust between buyer and seller.


PAYERA offers an easy multifunctional solution for crypto users and sellers. We are going to create a new era in the crypto-payment gateway with PAY- / SHOP- and CARDERA.

PAYERA. PAYERA. This protection includes all conventional goods as well as services. You also have the possibility to do internal wallet transactions free of charge. SELLERS get the perfect solution to get established in the crypto scene and to increase their proper sales volume. We offer a full protection against volatility on the crypto market by offering an optional paymentin Fiat or the requested coin. PAYERA also has lower fees and a shorter holding period compared to other systems. Sellers also have the opportunity to do internal wallet transactions free of charge.

For Supporters the PERA will take on the important role in the future concerning the crypto payments, PERA is not going to be a speculative coin. Our supporter finances a real business model that will be far from pseudospeculations. We are confident, that we will also established other platforms.

PAYERA Project Ecosystem

The PAYERA project will cover 3 key areas on the cost of kriptovalyutnost: PAYERA paid platforms with buyers and sellers of protection, an online SHOPERA store and a simple CARTERA cryptocurrency payment card, which also works at ATMs. To carry out the project selected the most advanced protocol, Ethereum Casper-Protocol Proof of Stake. The remarkable thing about PAYERA - the percentage of accumulated costs will be donated.

PAYERA features

For the convenience of the user, there is a built-in exchange. The seller will be evaluated by the buyer. A good rating will make the seller's immediate payment and lower the import duty. Incoming wallet will have fingerprint, facial recognition or pin code. Users will have their own private key, PAYERA will not have access to user accounts.


SHOPERA can be used by merchants and individuals for the sale of new and used goods. The seller will be charged in the amount of 0.05 to 0.50 US dollars, depending on the value of the goods. People who sell less than 10 articles per month can use this platform for free.

CARDERA Function

Crypto payment cards will create flexibility even in offline mode. The unique price of this card is $ 20 dollars.
Advantages of platform:

  • A convenient menu with all the tools necessary for cryptocurrency operations
  • High security
  • Fast transactions
  • The ability to issue tokens at external partner stores
  • Internal transactions of local transactions
  • Free is used for customers
  • Low cost for sellers


Ticker: PERA
Standard token: ERC20
Total shipping: 2 100 000 000
Soft Cap: $ 8 million
Hard Cap: $ 60 million
Date before ICO: 05/30 / 2018-06 / 15/2018
ICO price: $ 0.035 USD
Date of ICO: 06/20 / 2018-07 / 18/2018
ICO Price: $ 0.05 USD
ICO bonus: 25% of Help
Payment received: ETC, BTC, LTC, DASH, BCH


uidelines for the PAYERA buyers’ and sellers’ protection are transparent and simple. Established providers usually need a long processing time and are based on a protection program that only protects physical goods. Crypto‐based services only serve as a payment system and don’t offer any security against potential criminals. PAYERA offers extended consumer protection for physical and virtual purchases as well as services.



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