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Have you ever heard of larimar gemstones? a natural stone believed to have the spiritual strength of Caribbean citizens, legend says that the sacred stone is used by the lost continent, Atlantis.

The Lamirar precious stones are made of blue pectolite that accumulates in the gap due to volcanic activity in the mountains of the area. The eruption of the sediment causes the movement of the rocks down into the Bahoruco river which is then carried into the sea.

The Origin of the Precious Stone of LamirarThe lamirar precious stone was first discovered in the early 1900s by a priest, in the Dominican republican mine. Due to a lack of interest in using lamirar precious stones, the discovery was delayed and almost forgotten until the mid-70s. In 1974 at the foot of the Bahoruco mountains, the coast of Barahona Province, the Norman Rilling (Miguel Mendez) peace corps volunteer found lamirar rocks on the shore.

These precious stones are called 'blue rocks' by local people and are thought to come from the Atlantic sea. Lamirar stone is also called "stone Stefilia" color ranging from white, light blue and turquoise.

A Spiritual Master who once lived in Trinidad and Tobago established a yoga center in the Caribbean, the United States, Australia, and South America, saying that lamirar is also called the noble stone of Atlantis. He claims several islands in the Caribbean especially the Dominican Republic is part of the sinking continent of Atlantis. The Lamirar stone is also known as the Lamirar stone which is believed to have spiritual healing powers and is often used by great leaders and tribal leaders of the American and eastern Indian population for the same reason. One of them in some medium known transmutation of negative energy into positive energy helps calm the nerves

Precious Stone Lamirar In Modern view
What is the relationship between philosopher stone theory and precious gemstone? In theory, it has been mentioned that any substance can turn into useful and even deadly substances. Noble lamirar stone is not a thing that can not be considered as a spiritual stone that brings healing.

Most people believe in the existence of spiritual rocks, it is reasonable because the energy it produces cannot be seen by the naked eye. In Geber's view, all the substances present in the universe have different elements and they are all commonplace into beneficial substances and harmful substances. This theory is now the basis for the development of spiritualization in developed countries such as Europe and USA, today.

Research on the origin and when the formation of precious stone lamirar still continues. Are the ruins and rocks around the Caribbean part of Atlantis? These rocks used to be precious stones, jewelry, floors of buildings, or even the entire building of Atlantis civilization using lamirar precious stones? it could be a lamirar stone story just a fairy tale, a story that has not been able to prove the truth.

Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens On Stellar Network
Atlantis Blue is a digital asset exchange specializing in larimar trading. Larimar is a rare precious stone. Very rare, because of only one square kilometer of land in the Caribbean. The site does an outstanding job as the demand for larimar is increasing. The website claims that the demand for the last few years has lowered the price. Many people are attracted by the larimar tribe because of its beauty and its scarcity. Today, forest birds run for sale anywhere from $ 4 to $ 20 USD, depending on the quality of the gems.

With this, Atlantis Blue seeks to become the preferred larimar exchange. Atlantis Blue was created as a collaboration between miners, exporters, distributors, and other companies involved in the larimar supply chain. Atlantis Blue has a Stellar Decentralized Exchange, where token holders can trade their digital assets in exchange for a physical stone larimar. You sent your token to AB Exchange for processing.

Atlantis Blue shows another application of cryptocurrency, securing Larimar, a semi-precious gem. This stone is found only in certain dead volcanoes on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, in addition to the Dominican Republic. Larimar is also known as Blue Stone of Atlantis, hence the name for the platform. The Atlantis Blue Project is on Stellar Network, which is well established and has a strong reputation in the crypto community. The new currency will be Atlantic Blue Digital Tokens, and it will dramatically improve the entire mining and sales process of Larimar.

Atlantis Blue claims to partner with one mine, which produces larimar gems. The company is a collaboration between miners, craftsmen, distributors, and exporters, who bring precious stones to the market. Together, these participants convert rough lanes into polished gems worth $ 5 to $ 20 an ounce on the open market. Atlantis Blue creates a decentralized exchange where you can buy Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens (ABDT) in exchange for a real ounce of larimar. The Company claims that each ABDT represents the value of 1 gram of Larimar.

Our Digital Token
Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens or ABDT for short is the name of our token / digital coin. We have given much thought to the number of coins we will make and after much discussion, the group agrees that it would be better to hand over majority control to the free market as soon as possible. This is the reason that we sold 75% tokens during the initial ICO phase.

Coin details are as follows:
Token: ABDT
Platform: Stellar
Price: 1 ABDT = 0.6 USD
Payment: USD, EUR, BTC, ETH
Total number of tokens is 400,000,000
The number of tokens to be sold during the first ICO 300,000,000

ICO will have six stages, with 50 million tokens sold at each stage. Tokens grow from $ 0.10 per piece in the first stage, up to $ 0.60 per token in the final stage (up to $ 0.10 per stage).

You can also join in our bounty here: LINK

☑️Start Bounty: 03 May 2018
☑️Final Bounty: July 01, 2018
☑️Received to Bounty: 1%
☑️Price: 1 ABDT = 0.6 USD
☑️Bounty Manager: SANDRA EVANS
☑️Rating: N / A
☑️Hard Cap: 300,000,000 ABDT
☑️Platform: Stellar
☑️Limits: FB-8/300; TW - On BountyGuru platform, up to 300 people.
☑️Description: Atlantis Blue is involved in the extraction of semi-precious stones of Larimar near a dead volcano in the Caribbean islands. Blockade and ABDT cryptocurrency will greatly simplify the extraction and sale of the Blue Atlantis (Larimar) stone. Now this stone is actively used in jewelry production.

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