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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Introduction to Safein
The online e-commerce industry is growing with rapid speed and becomes a prime need for making easy and convenient shopping.  But the industry is still working for its improvement and required a solution for major concerns related to protection, long registration process, redundant verification, cybersecurity, limited utility of crypto payments, delays, etc.

The Safein has come up with a concept of eliminating the various issues of the e-commerce industry. It brings a single-on platform through which users can easily shop from various websites without doing the registration formalities again and again on different webs. By introducing this platform, a company wants to change the way of an online transaction by offering convenient and easy payment process for users and Merchants.

All about Safein

Safein is a single sign-on digital wallet which has been designed to provide a quick, safe and convenient process for executing online activities through one registration for all online authentications and payment. In another word, we can say it is a decentralized blockchain network that allows users to carry out their online activities in an efficient way with high-end security features and convenience of using one solution to authorize online transactions and payments.

The platform is aiming to bring a digital identity solution for users so that they don’t need to waste time in completing the lengthy registration process and get instant access to various online shopping portals. The users will get full control on their personal data so that they can easily share their data with other service providers as per their preference.

It is a unique platform brings outstanding benefits for both users and merchants.  Firstly, it offers outstanding benefits to the users by eliminating the process of repeat registrations, KYC and password recoveries through instant access process with multi-factor authentication solution. Moreover, it also ensures excellent security and data protection feature for any consumer.  In short, the company is introducing a revolutionary solution to make a fully seamless experience for all its users and merchants.

If we talk about Merchants then this platform will benefit them by reducing the cost applied to user’s onboarding and verification process. It also proves beneficial results in minimizing transaction fees and removes the problem of managing lost passwords for the customer support. Moreover Merchants who have SFN tokens in their wallet can process their payments with no commission charge. Influencer marketing of promoting ICOs is a tried and well known marketing strategy in the crypto marketplace, and the platform developers will make use of varied marketing tactic and strategies to get the attention of the investors. Many startups also resort to using the ICO marketing guide or ICO planning guide to successfully market their ICOs.


Easy Access to All Website with Single Click

The platform enables the users to sign up and login to various website only with one click. Now, users don’t need to follow the tedious registration process and the issues of a lost password.  The platform will deliver your data to a new website with your approval and save your time

Control Your Data

When you are using Safein platform you have complete control of what website know about you. The platform allows you to login online anonymously or to share exact data that actually required by the website. You can check the data of entire activity history including payments, login and registration through platform web panel or mobile app.

Payment through Fiat or Crypto with Zero Efforts

Once you have logged in with Safein, you can easily make your payments process without providing any extra information. You have an option to store your money in any crypto or traditional currency. Once you have chosen your option, Safein will convert it and send the funds to the merchant according to his preference. Every transaction will execute under the boundaries of the platform, therefore, it assures you to provide secure, cheap and quick processing.

How Does Safein Work?

The concept of establishing an SFN platform is very simple and easy. It is designed with the aim of providing one single place where users can safely store their login credentials as well as crypto and fiat currency. In this way, users don’t need to go through with repeated signup and verification process while doing any activity on the websites. The users can easily download the SFN app compatible with iOS, window and android based mobile phone as well as with tablets also.  Once the app is downloaded on the mobile, a user can easily configure their account and use it for all.  Now, users don’t need to login, again and again, multiple times and don’t need to verify their identity on different platforms asked at the time of online surfing. This will save user time as well as keep them free from remembering the multiple passwords for different websites.

Safein provides one single sign-on identity and payment wallet so that users can conveniently use it to access any platform without any need of sign-up. The platform is supported by advanced blockchain functionality to ensure complete secure and safe mode of the payment process. The app will record all the data related to your transactions and passwords so that you don’t need to enter them every time manually. The platform ensures complete protection and security of data with the help of blockchain identity encryption module.

The blockchain is advanced technology and well-known for its outstanding security feature and transparency. That’s why numbers of companies such as Bunnytoken, ORCA, Bitnation, etc. are utilizing this cutting-throat technology for their project development and enhancement. Also if you are looking for details to know how the tokenized economy works, you can check ICO beginners guide.

Advantages of Safein for Users

According to the company, they will provide desirable benefits to users by introducing this platform. The various benefits that users can avail include:-

  1. Eliminate the lengthy time-consuming registration process and allow accessing any service without delay in identifying verification or transfer of deposits.
  2. Keep the users from managing and recovering numerous user accounts with different password
  3. Enable a user to buy from any merchants who provide good offers at best price rather than purchasing from only one user to whom you have a verified account with.
  4. Provide one-stop solution for easy and hassle-free online access and payments
  5. Ensure full and transparent disclosure of what customer details is being passed on to websites
  6. Enhance cybersecurity of user personal data
  7. Reduce the cost of transaction fees and also offer the convenient way to make payment in both fiat and cryptocurrency.
  8. Offer cash back and rewards for user loyalty and using the platform services
  9. Increased anonymity and provide protection from authenticated data mining and spamming activities

Benefits for Merchants

  1. Grow conversation rate by reducing the loss of customers shunning any new registration
  2. Minimize the cost of user verification process and bring good saving in account/password recovery department
  3. Keep the merchant free from compliance with GDPR and data protection regulation in other countries
  4. Diminished risk of cyber leaks of customer data
  5. Allow accepting payments in both fiat and crypto
  6. Single plug-in integration
  7. Lower transaction fees
  8. Allow accessing the platform user group to receive incentivize from utilizing services provided by the platform
  9. Offer exclusive commission discounts and rewards for utilizing platform token and services
  10. Capable in establishing user’s location and applicable legal regime

Possible Markets to Utilize Safein Services

If any online website requires any information regarding user identification and payment then they can enjoy the benefits of platform services. The platform services can be utilized by:-

  1. Crypto exchanges and other ICOs
  2. Digital goods makers where chance of frauds and chargeback are very high
  3. eShops can enjoy the benefits of low payment fees, verified users and access to crypto payments
  4. Car sharing and other rent service providers
  5. The online financial or legal gambling service provider can use platform services for verifying user age, applicable legal regime and for accepting payment from user without any registration process
  6. Beneficial for Investment and trading platforms
  7. Social networks for verifying the user details
  8. In Smart contracts, users can feed their data date directly by using platform’s database

SFN Token Model

The platform is using a token abbreviated with SFN token. The platform has come up with a brilliant idea of using one single account for all the online websites but it is not easy to implement it into a real world. The platform required lot of users to attract merchants and vice versa to make it a successful project. In absence of merchants, it is not possible to grab the user’s attention. This is a reason why this token is leveraging its token in order to enhance the customer base and acquire merchants. The platform will appreciate its users and merchants by rewarding them through SFN tokens for using innovative payment and identity management solution. The ICO countdown has already begun for this token.The investor can also check ICO stats to get the knowledge about the best ICOs to invest.

The Merchants who have SFN tokens will get the benefit of reducing their transaction fees on the platform. Each token will allow  merchant to process  certain amount of payment on every month without any commission fees. Users can check ICO list which focusses on curated and up to date list of active, upcoming, and traded Token sales

Token Features

  • Merchant who have SFN tokens can enjoy free payment services
  • Monthly cash back benefit for users who are paying through SFN tokens
  • Login Pool to incentivize Safein use among users and websites
  • Promote to grow user base with Referral pool benefit
  • Reward new users with Registration Pool

Token Information

  • Ticker : SFN
  • Standard : ERC20
  • Tokens for sale : 322,500,000 SFN
  • Total token supply : 1,000,000,000 SFN
  • Currencies accepted : ETH


Starts : April 3, 13:00 UTC
Ends : April 24, 13:00 UTC
Hard cap : 2,000 ETH
Minimum contribution : 0.1 ETH
For sale : 22,500,000 SFN
Bonuses : up to 71%

Main Sale

Starts : April 25, 13:00 UTC
Ends : May 25, 13:00 UTC
Soft cap : 6,000 ETH (pre-ICO included)
Hard cap : 40,000 ETH
Minimum contribution : 0.1 ETH
For sale : 300,000,000 SFN

Token Distribution

Pre-ICO : 2,25%
ICO : 30%
SFN Login Pool : 5%
Airdrop program : 1%
Referral program : 5%
Registration pool : 10%
Team and advisors
(Locked 6-24 months lock period) : 10%

Company reserve vesting over 3years with
6 month cliff, first batch after 12 months : 36, 75%


The Safein is aiming to transform the concept of traditional identity system by providing a new system through people can control their profiles in secure and safe manner. With Safein platform, a user can shop from various websites without wasting time in registering again and again on every site. It enables customers to easily demonstrate their true identities without filling any long registrations forms, verifications and offer instant access to different online shops and payments.

Similarly like other ICOs such as Lotuscore, DIW, Koios, etc. Safein is also launching its ICO to raise funds for its project development. The project is undoubtedly based on safe and secure blockchain based platform and come with the objective of brightening up the future of e-commerce industry. The single sign-on ID and payments wallet are two keys features that make this project different from others and prove beneficial for both merchants and users. If you are one of those who are seeking to invest in ICO then Safein ICO is a great option for you.

Check here if you would like to grab more information on how to invest in ICO.


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