Kurecoin Hub ICO (KRC Token): Africa’s Cryptocurrency Bank Project

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

What Is Kurecoin Hub?

KureCoin Hub is a cryptocurrency and fiat platform developed for African users to allow them to purchase, sell, and store up to five cryptocurrencies. Platform users can obtain unsecured loans in fiat as long as their assets are stored on the platform. Storing their cryptocurrencies on the platform will also earn the users periodic dividends.

Trading in cryptocurrencies is highly complex and if not well understood can result in losses. KureCoin Hub provides a solution to this problem through its Kure exchange platform. The exchange platform design focuses on users with little or no experience in cryptocurrency trading, as it has an easy to use interface and provides a seamless experience.

Kure Exchange seeks to house as many cryptocurrencies from Africa as possible in order to become a valuable asset demanded not only in Africa but also worldwide.

Kurecoin Hub Cryptocurrency Bank Project Benefits
  • Secure: KureCoin implements the Proof of Stake mining that guarantees the security of the network and all the transactions carried out within it.
  • Global transactions: Through the KurePay card users can use KureCoin to transact anywhere in the world.
  • Profit sharing: Coin holders with have the opportunity to periodically share profits with the platform from the earnings accumulated from KureCoin bank and KureCoin exchange.
  • Multiple platforms: Through KureCoin, KureCoin Hub will tokenize the business world via its multi-platform blockchain infrastructure.
  • Increase in value: It is expected that the usability to KureCoin will increase from the over 10 million users that it aims at attracting to the KureCoin Hub which results in the value of KureCoin increasing, therefore, benefiting the investors and token holders.
  • Seamless conversion: On the Kure Exchange platform, coin holders can easily convert KureCoin to Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Kurecoin Hub KRC Token & ICO Details

The KureCoin hub will also have a payment system solution known as KurePay. KurePay utilizes blockchain technology and contains three aspects:
  • E-wallet – it allows users to fund their wallets through local bank accounts, debit or credit cards, USSD, cryptocurrency wallets, and selected global e-wallet companies.
  • Payment Gateway – Together with the E-wallet, it will enable organizations, SMEs, E-commerce, and NGOs receive payments from users with various payment solutions such as cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Kure Card – it allows users to access all of the platform’s products anywhere in the world.
Interaction and transaction on the KureCoin Hub, Kure Exchange, and Kure Pay will be through KureCoin. The KRC Token is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on the proof of stake algorithm (PoS) that seeks to offer investors and cryptocurrency community a secure and seamless way to transact within the KureCoin Hub ecosystem, Kure Exchange, and KurePay. KureCoin features smart contracts, smart contract audit solutions, and hyper ledger applications, which provides efficiency in all that platforms that use it.

Perimeters Of The ICO
  • Token Symbol: KRC
  • Token sale date: 20th May 2018 – 30th June 2018
  • Token price: First Phase $0.65, Second Phase $0.85
  • Accepted payment method: ETH, BTC
  • Standard: POS
  • Total supply : 100,000,000
Kurecoin Hub Prospects

KureCoin aims at becoming a solution provider to governments or corporate bodies in Africa or beyond that might want to integrate blockchain technology within their platforms. To become part of one of the largest cryptocurrency project in Africa, investors can purchase the KureCoin token during the ICO, which will give the investors rights to earn dividends yearly.

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