Dominium ICO (DOM Token): Blockchain Property Financing & Management

Sunday, July 22, 2018

What Is Dominium?

Dominium is a company that is registered in the Netherlands since 2016. This company acts as a decentralized, regulated property financing, property listing and property management platform that uses the blockchain to work.

This company can be used as a tool to improve the services that are being offered by members of the real estate market. The company uses the most modern technology, the blockchain, to find solutions that will make the life of the clients considerably easier when they are looking for services in the real estate industry.

The Problem Dominium Seeks To Solve

While the real estate market has a capitalization of 217 trillion USD, it does not have the adequate technologies to be a really lucrative and intuitive market for the users in a year like 2018. There are many important technologies appearing that can reduce centralization and financial barriers that affect this market. The solution can be seen on the blockchain platform that this company has decided to create.

The Dominium Team And Partners

This company was developed by a group of real estate professionals whose industry, according to the site of the company, dates back to 1833 (it looks like a typo for 1933). The group has experience running cryptocurrency portfolios, funds and manage millions of dollars and euros every year. The group has been interested in blockchain since 2012 and has funded the platform by itself.

The directors of the company are Sven Thomas Munte, Mark Lloyd, Marco Reimann and Esther Dekker. Munte works as the chairman of Dominium and has in property management since the 90s, Lloyd is the managing director and has grown six successful business; Reimann is the finance director and is a tax adviser since 2014 while works in auditions since 1996. Finally, Dekker is the property director with over 10 years in the real estate industry.

The main advisors of the company are Jacco van Herwaarden (compliance advisor), Maarten Dirks (blockchain advisor), Paula Ruffel (legal advisor) and Gudo Thijssen (marketing advisor). The company is powered by the Ardor platform and Auxesis Infotech design. The main partners are Confidon, Acarius, John Savva and Adpublisher.

How Dominium Blockchain Property Financing & Management Works

This platform was built on top of the Ardor blockchain. In case you do not know this specific blockchain, you can know that it is an evolution from the prior Nxt blockchain. The Dominium platform can be used for the decentralization of the trade of assets and rental agreements, as well as other real estate actions like property management tasks and purchase agreements.

The company will work in a completely legal way that is compliant with legislation of the countries that the company will act. The assets that the company will create on the Ardor blockchain will be completely transparent and they will be easily tradable, as a way to increase the liquidity of the assets, something that is hard on the real estate market.

The major objective of the Dominium platform is to be a great option for the users who want to be in a multilingual ecosystem that will use many different currencies and that will offer many options for real estate investments that can be made in a fully decentralized manner.

Dominium DOM Token & ICO Details

The DOM tokens that will power the Dominium platform can be used for a wide range of different activities. They can be used in the creation of new tokenized assets, for trading these assets, listing properties for rent or sale on the platform, registration, purchases and many more.

Every action has a set cost in Euro. for instance, you have to pay 1 EUR to buy or sell an asset and 5 EUR to register a purchase agreement on the platform.

The company has devised a plan to increase the value of its tokens: burning DOM tokens from time to time, which will diminish the overall number of tokens and therefore make them more rare in the market.

Dominium will announce the date and the details for its token sale (pre-ICO and main ICO) soon. If you register an account and participate in the promotional events of the company, you will be able to get DOM tokens on the airdrops. Check the company’s site for more information about this.

Dominium Conclusion

Dominium is yet another real estate platform that has perceived the value of the tokenization of the assets in this industry. As tokens, they can easily have more liquidity and be easier to sell. The personnel involved in the company seems to also be very experienced so we have good expectations about this company.

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