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Friday, August 3, 2018

Hey friend this time I will explain about BountyPortals

BountyPortals, we really appreciate the support we have received from the community since the beginning of the project.
We want to show promotions about bountyportals by announcing on our website

We invite bounty hunters to become friends and promote BountyPortals throughout your blog.

BountyPortals promises you 1 ETH Giveaway for bounty hunters who promote on your personal blog and this campaign is currently underway for more detailed information can be seen in the thread bounty here

The BountyPortals platform is all about connecting ideas and opportunities with Bounty we love to give you a great opportunity to express and apply your creative ideas!

Do you spend hours on social media? Extraordinary! Join our Facebook or Twitter Bounty.
Interested in Telegram? We also have something interesting to offer!

And this is a number of campaigns that we are currently handling

  1. LendLedger:
  2. Apollon:
  3. Kryptoin:
  4. SmartChain Media:
  5. MetaHash
  6. Soundeon
  7. Expercoin
  8. CoinAnalyst

Author: indopool

ETH: 0x1521E5141545090bc80FaFA7c2a5f4b75221c845
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