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Friday, August 24, 2018

FORESTING is a new blockchain-based social media platform which seeks to turn the existing paradigm on its head. On the FORESTING platform, users are actually paid for the content they post, rather than simply being data generators for big media corporations. FORESTING is currently in the midst of a pre-sale which runs until the end of the week. The initial coin offering will see 40% of the 24 billion PTON tokens made available to the public. The economic ecosystem provided by the platform will be run on these tokens, with users receiving various amounts in return for their activity on the website.

The normal actions that you take on social media every day, such as posting, commenting, sharing and even liking will all be made profitable by the PTON token. At the same time, every transaction and every click on the site will be stored irretrievably on the blockchain. This means there will always exist a secure, distributed log of all of your earnings on the website which can’t be changed or altered by anyone. All of this comes from a blockchain startup which is making headlines for its progress in the crypto space. Indeed, FORESTING was recently named among Korea’s thirteen most promising blockchain startups, where it kept company with such high profile projects as ICON (ICX), and the crypto exchange, Upbit.


FORESTING Network will be available to any individual without the need for prior knowledge of cryptocurrency or blockchain. The new concept look to create a network platform that will enable users to realize the value of content creation. FORESTING Network is designed to allow for the rewarding of content generation, and a distribution system of income for the providers. All content types are eligible for rewarding, consumption and support on the content-oriented system


FORESTING looks to introduce a new ecosystem consisting of a FOREST (community members) working on the concepts of Networking, connecting and interacting. The ecosystem also encompasses the following features:


Part of FORESTING operates as a blockchain social media platform that works under a decentralized system for fair value distribution.


The core of FORESTING Network is to provide financial services to sustain the content remuneration. That will be available through the digital finance institution, FORESTING Bank.


Besides supporting activities on the FORESTING Network, there is also support for communities and marketing activities of the content creators.

FORESTING Blockchain Social Media Rating Rewards Benefits

User Interface

FORESTING's goal is to offer users a comfortable and convenient service that is intuitive rather than a problematic concept service

Simplified Coin Exchange

FORESTING also aims to allow users to add value to their content by providing a secure conversion platform for them to get money in return.

Content Support

By using blockchain, FORESTING provides users with the best technology to upload or download different content components in a seamless manner

Device Optimization

FORESTING's ecosystem is diverse enough to integrate people's lifestyles, and this would enable them to influence content anytime using any device.

Security And Privacy

A critical aspect of blockchain technology is the decentralized nature of the system. Such a feature provides the best protection and privacy for users since there is no single entity controlling the operation.


PTON token works as a value determinant for rewarding the participants contributing content to FORESTING. The token does not imply on working like other cryptos which are accessible through mining. The PTON token will be available as per the level of contribution of the participants. Part of it is also expected to be in use to enable users to benefit from FORESTING app.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Private Presale: April 2018 till May 2018
  • Public Presale: July 2018 till August 2018, Price- 1 ETH= TBD
  • ICO: August 2018 till September 2018, Price- 1 ETH= TBD
  • Token name- PTON
  • Blockchain- Ethereum
  • Model- ERC-20
  • Token supply- 24,000,000,000 tokens
  • Available for sale- 9,600,000,000 PTON (40%)

Token Distribution
  • Token sale- 40%
  • Team and founders- 25%
  • Advisors and marketing- 10%
  • Partners- 10%
  • Reward- 10%
  • Reserve- 5%


Partners & Network

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