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Friday, September 28, 2018

BitDepositary is the first and biggest new generation Q-ratio payment platform with an aim of bridging the gap between centralized ICOs and the investor community. It seeks to achieve this through voting and integrated payment solutions to make ICO investments more secure.

Bitdepositary Platform Composition

Team Bit
With an aim of bringing forward profitable and manageable marketplace for ICO projects, the platform has on board a team of experts, community leaders, accountants, and legal advisors who provide service to the BitDepositary investor community.

Current Issues
Bitdepositary provides a permanent solution to the crypto investor community.

Preventing Token Theft
The platform has modern cryptocurrency security measures, when it comes to privileged user account configuration. Since all token sales run through their system, there will be no attempt of wallet hacking on its secured ICO platform. This removes any possibility of breaches and cyber security attack that can compromise the marketplace.

Protection Guarantee Against Scams

BitDepositary platform boosts the confidence of investors through their thorough verification process that consist of buyers, tax consultants, specialist users, and community users who join forces before accepting a project. Each project leader is required to go through a verification process together with his team before using the platform (KYC Protocol for teams).

Moreover, the platform has an integrated payment system that ensures all ICOs an investor gets are secure. The platform is therefore set to deliver according to the expectations of an investor.

Spotting Wrong Decision Making

Through an open voting system, the platform is capable of imparting its users with some experience to make better investment decisions. Moreover, within the platform’s ecosystem lies a space that assists investors to eliminate bad investment decisions that arise due to lack of dependable criteria for assessment of credible ICO investment.

Integrated Payment Solution With Credit Card

The platform has brought about an integrated credit card payment system in their attempt to make their operations uniform, put data together, and improve customer service. This improves the profit change, reduces accounting errors, and enhances payment for its users.

Users Have The Options To Invest With Different Currencies In Future Projects

The platform allows its users to enjoy investing with up to 25 different currencies due to its ability to manipulate its community’s expertise and focus of financial creativity. By combining various cryptocurrencies together, investors in the platform are put in a good position to enjoy long-term returns and strong portfolios.

Multiwallet And Token From Successful ICOs Are Included

The platform gives its users the privilege of using a lightweight multi-asset enable wallet their market places can offer. Users also enjoy the privilege of swapping their coins within their wallets and using various currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Zcash. The platform intends to bring more coins on board for the members.

The Bitdepositary Token

The community user gets tokens for free from the owner of the project if it reaches the soft cap. This means that any company offering its project for review must provide the tokens for voters whether they voted for or against the project. The user gets the token into their wallet, automatically becoming a customer. That is to say that the user with more points will have more tokens.

The BDT – Bitdepositary’s token – can also be bought using Litecoin, Ethereum, EOS, Bitcoin, PayPal, and Dash. Users will use the ERC20 token to pre-invest in an ICO project before it is accepted to the platform. Afterward, the user gets 25% more tokens from a vote they made.

There are 750 000 000 tokens for sale and a minimum investment of 10 USD. Each token went for 0.05 USD in the pre-ICO sale and 0.10 USD during the ICO sale.

The Bitdepositary team conducted a pre-ICO private sale that saw them distribute 6% of the tokens. As of now, those tokens are sold out even though the presale was scheduled to end on the 29th of August. In fact, according to one team member, ‘this project has been ongoing for over a year before now,’ he said. ‘We have talked expansively with the investors and managed to raise $3 million in the pre-sale.’

BitDepositary BTD Token ICO Details

  • Prevent pre sale: 60 million BDT=Min. Invest $500 no Max .Token cost 0.05$
  • Open pre sale: 60 million BDT=Min .Invest $500 and 150.000 max .Token cost 0.05$
  • Open sale: 630 million BDT=Min .Invest $10 and $ 150.00 Max
  • Payment currencies: ETH, Bitcoin and others.
  • Soft Cap=1 million $
  • Hard Cap=50 million $


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