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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Digital currency is not only the application of blockchain technology but has also experienced rapid growth in the past decade and has a significant influence on the global economy and finance. From a digital currency development perspective, it is a digital asset exchange that sets the foundation for value and circular discovery in digital assets and broadly connects digital currencies with humans. However, behind the development of the digital currency market, there are many problems, such as counterfeiting transactions on data, security vulnerabilities, high prices and low efficiency, which not only cause losses to investors, but also hinder the development of a healthy digital currency market.

About HiBTC

cryptocurrency exchange that distributes a portion of its profits to community members and supporters quickly, safely and reliably to get prizes by simply holding certain tokens.

HiBTC will provide a digital asset trading platform that is safe, efficient and convenient for all participants. Hibtc has an HIBT token that has been stepped on the Hibtc exchange. Every HiBTC Dividend Bonus for HIB holders.

At present, the floor only supports 6 electronic currencies, namely BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, USDT and HIBTC, CMT, USE, other immediate coins. Users can voluntarily join a part or all of the HIBT program they have, who will enjoy a different proportion of dividend bonuses than basic dividends.

HiBTC hopes to break the barriers to asymmetric information between shareholders and management, and between companies and users below traditional "corporate" models, and to build organizational structures together and shared so that each HIBT holder has the right to participate in creating platforms business decision.

HIBTC may be a new market trade stage which will anchor the digital currency exchanging world. HiBTC has return to provide a protected , proficient, and advantageous advanced resource exchange stage for all dealers.

Each broker and shopper if HiBTC will adequately reach the speculation objectives while not being grieved regarding security of advantages, security and insurance. there's in addition the arrangement of hazard fence instruments, and big speculation target choices of portfolios.

HIBT is that the native token of HiBTC platform. there'll be ten billion of HIBT tokens issued and this range is mounted.

HiBTC guarantees to frequently disperse stage incomes to all HIBT owners. At a similar time, the venture will utilize the "exchange + token" mining model ("confirmation of legitimacy of time + evidence of reasonableness"), and half of the issued HIBT will be compensated to clients by handling exchange payments. In option, HiBTC will likewise exhibit a "Profit Bonus Program". Users can willfully join the program by utilizing part or the greater part of the HIBT tokens that they hold, and notwithstanding the primary profits they will utilize different extra rewards.

In this manner, when the client makes any exchanges on the stage, notwithstanding getting the objective resources, he can likewise get [base profits created + utilizing the HIBT + profit bonus]. All the above information on mining and profits will be distributed progressively and will be extremely straightforward and accessible. In expansion to the value trait, the HIBT resource characteristic is additionally important. The strength of the cost of HIBT specifically influences the eagerness of clients to take an interest in exchanges on the HiBTC platform. To guarantee the steady and solid improvement of HiBTC, we will make people in general record "General Fund Holder" freely accessible to all clients quickly in the wake of utilizing the platform. HIBT, which is put away in the record, will be blocked 100% in the reserve account, While generation isn't finished and won't enter the optional market. Dividends utilized by these HIBTs will initially be utilized to pay the profit reward got in the Dividend Bonus Program, and the rest will be utilized to purchase out HIBT on the auxiliary market, which will likewise be obstructed on the store's account. When the creation is finished, every one of the advantages on the Owner's General Fund Account, including HIBT and profits, will be entirely possessed by all HIBT holders, and a further arrangement will be made open inside the time after creation is finished.

Advantages of HiBTC

There are so many advantages of HiBTC.

1. Security — Their top priority is Safety of the users’ digital assets. HiBTC collaborates with top security companies, examining the platform codes and setting up multi-layer firewalls before the platform is put into use, and after its launch, using multi-signature and cold/hot wallet separation to place over 90% assets in the cold wallet as so to maximize the security of user assets.

2. Rights Sharing and Transparency — HiBTC Exchange is dissimilar to any current brought together trade stage since it gives the its clients basic leadership rights, for instance, A client gather that holds at least 5% of HIBT add up to circling supply can freely prescribe a digital money to be recorded in HiBTC, Isn’t that awesome?. Moreover, the rights to settle on significant choices in the stage will be vested on the HIBT token holders. Moving on all information, salary information, mining information, voting information would be frequently distributed and made open so that it would be effective and legitimately verified.

3. Risk control — The risk of single digital currency spot transaction is uncontrollable, and the professional investors are unable to reduce the risk effectively. Based on the digital currency spot transaction, HiBTC will further introduce the financial derivatives with digital currency as target, including but not limited to forward contract, option contract, future contract and token financing, providing the professional investors with rich and effective risk hedging instruments.

Right now, the HIBTC venture is arranging different events. The abnormal state of profits is fascinating on the grounds that it enables us to utilize the arrangement of profits in excess. HIBT holders will have the right to participate in decision making process via voting. Voting will be facilitated by smart contract voting system.

A certain amount of HiBTC holders will be awarded with right to recommend a token listing. For a clearer comprehension of the task, prescribed connections for additional perusal are given beneath.

For more data on the HiBTC venture, if you don't mind tap on the connections underneath:


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