Republia ICO (RPB Token): Decentralized Blockchain Community Platform

Thursday, September 27, 2018

What Is Republia?

Republia is an all-encompassing, decentralized bionetwork that works by making use of mechanisms which are set up on the basis of blockchain technologies. These mechanisms, based on elements of nations, are created in such a way that they are familiar and are shifted to the digital space.

The platform promises safety of data as well as comfortable usage of all the elements in the bionetwork. This is mainly as a result of the many functional tools in the entire ecosystem. It is also designed in accordance with a properly-organized structure that works under a set of internal rules.

How Republia Transactions Work

The Republia Blockchain is made up of several blockchains and demystifies the challenge of scalability by a way of vigorously snowballing the number of sidechains as well as introducing master node and nodes. The master node gets requests from the ordinary node and eventually accepts or discards the transaction.

Primarily, transactions become part of the pool and according to the pagination, they are then taken by the node. The entire process eliminates any attempts of fraud, following positive responses from the master node, which acts by recording transactions to the ecosystem.

Roles Of Republia Decentralized Blockchain Community Platform
  • Prevention of emergent scam projects
  • Assisting users to control the components of the ecosystem through a transparent and democratic management model
  • Establish dependable and transparent relationship between users
  • Exclude possibilities of losses or theft of user accounts
  • Introduce a coin excluding high volatility

Prototype — MVP

Republia has an MVP, now you can try it, by visiting it there you can try some features that have been provided. I recommend that you register as a new user if you have not joined. MVP strategy of Republia focuses on testing hypotheses, but not on the reducing functionality for the sake of a cost-saving measure. All products in the early stages will be integrated into the system on the basis of reviews of the first users. Republia Foundation uses the following products to test viability of different solutions:

Bank — The minimal product Republia Bank is designed for users to get to know about the bank and the “parking” system from the initial stage of the project. “Parking” is a voluntary deposit of coins. Upon registration each user gets 10 conventional units, those interests that users will receive from “parking” process, will be converted into real RPB coins.

Wallet (Messenger) — MVP Wallet provides the ability to test the speed of Republia blockchain and send money to each other not by hash function of the wallet, but by usual username. The system of contacts (Republia ID) is embedded in Republia Wallet, where the user can send funds to another member of the ecosystem with a single click on the contact.

Smart-contract platform — MVP Smart-Contract Platform is developed to assess the convenience of creating smart contracts in GUI. In MVP Smart Contract Platform users can create a smart contract simply by clicking on the desired icons. Users can try to create smart contract for renting a house, monthly payment for utilities, payment of debt etc

Voting — MVP Voting System introduces advantages of WE-Government technology. In MVP Voting System participants can vote for changing or modifying an ecosystem product. Also this system includes voting for/against changes in the technical protocol of the project, which eliminates problem of hardforks.

Republia ICO Platform

Taking into consideration the shortcomings of the present market solutions in the crypto space, Republia presents its own ICO Platform. The platform’s elements are interconnected, eventually complementing each other. The accounts of users will indicate the requests of teams desiring to carry out their ICOs on the platform.

Republia Bank

RBP coin will be the main payment tool in the Republia Bank, which is created on decentralized and transparent mechanism. The seamless volatility will be an advantage of RPB, which will work towards accomplishing the implementation of Republia Bank, the key component of the decentralized ecosystem.

Republia Bank is established on the principles of Central Banks of nations which are conversant with innovative technologies. It operates in such a way that it is able to regulate the demand and supply on the exchanges, thus resulting in a balanced and automated analysis of the market trends.

Wallets Of Republia

The bank has cold and hot wallets. The cold wallet is meant for the backup fund, which is supplemented by a commission accrued by mining. The cold wallet also accepts funds when users converts RPB coin USDR token. On the other hand, the hot wallet is used when paying interest rates in the bank.

Republia Coin

RPB coin is a main payment tool in Republia Bank, which is based on decentralized and transparent mechanisms. The smoothing volatility is a definite advantage of RPB along with other coins of the crypto industry, the goal was achieved by implementation of Republia Bank, which is the main component of the economic model of decentralized Republia ecosystem.

RPB cryptocurrency does not depend on top 10 cryptocurrency, this step provides support for the coin rate of exchange while the price of popular cryptocurrency is declining. Stability makes RPB coin suitable for both trading, long-term investments and for daily financial transactions. RPB is a cryptocurrency, which is a convenient payment tool for daily usage. Republia represents two generations of the bank — Republia Bank Classic and Republia Bank Next.

Republia RPB Token & ICO Details
  • ICO Date: 23rd August, 2018 to 23rd September 2018
  • Total supply: 400,000,000 RPB
  • Token Symbol: RPB
  • Accepted Payment Method: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH
  • Soft Cap: $5,000,000
  • Hard Cap: $50,000,000
Distribution Of Funds
  • 50%: Ecosystem research and development
  • 18%: Marketing and business development
  • 15%: Administrative and operational expenses
  • 6%: Negotiation and listing on exchanges
  • 6%: Legal support
  • 5%: Unexpected circumstances
Bonus for prior participation

The use of funds collected during the PUBLIC SALE is calculated taking into account the risks in the Post-PUBLIC SALE portfolio, the possible exchange rate fluctuations in assets, and in accordance with the road map.

Team And Advisors

Bitcointalk name: indopool
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