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Friday, October 12, 2018

ConcertVR ICO The audience participating in concerts and festivals recorded a record high, and in 2017 sales in Germany are expected to exceed $ 1.1 billion. Because of the limited capacity, especially popular artists' concerts are sold in hours instead of minutes. In addition, access to live performance is limited by several additional factors. Concerts are mainly held in selective big cities and economically sound countries, leaving fans in rural areas and popular countries. When reaching a broader audience, the music industry can earn higher revenue.

Live concert ticket prices have soared over the years. Today, the price is three times more than 20 years ago. This means that most people are not able to attend such concerts due to the high cost of the tickets. Additionally, most concerts are held in large cities and in developed countries which makes it impossible for most fans in rural areas and small cities to join in the fun.

The possibility of reaching this audience can increase revenue for the music industry and also allow many fans to experience the live concerts at an affordable price.


ConcertVR is proud to present an exciting blockchain based solution for a so far unsatisfying concert environment.

The concertVR app will revolutionize the music industry with a unique product and service offering and will create a win-win situation for the music industry as well as for the music fan.

Live concerts from all over the world will be brought to your home at an affordable price and will enable you to watch your favorite artist performing as if you would be attending a live concert - all from the comfort of your own home.

ConcertVRs experience is not just limited to live concerts. You will also have the opportunity to choose concerts and songs on demand from an ever-growing concertVR library.
Additional features like 1-1 performances as well as backstage coverage and social media integration will enhance your experience even more.

Virtual Reality devices will enable this. Viewers from all over the globe just have to download the concertVR app, purchase a code via standard payment systems or cryptocurrencies and will enjoy their favorite concert, wearing VR glasses.

Alternatively, you can also watch the concert via other devices like your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

It is the goal of concertVR to establish long-term contracts with concert organizers and artists which shall guarantee a never-ending stream of live shows, covering all tastes from alternative and classic to pop and rock.

Broadcasts shall include well-established mega-stars as well as exciting newcomers.
State of the art devices and cameras at the concert venue will broadcast the live event and shall guarantee an exceptional transmission with the highest standards and a perfect sound and picture quality.

Access codes can be either purchased on the app directly, via the concertVR website, at the merchandising concert booth at or at ticket vendors like Eventim or Ticketmaster.

The ConcertVR Solution

ConcertVR wishes to make this possible by ensuring fans get to enjoy real-time live concerts from all over the globe at the comfort of their homes. Fans also get to choose their position in the hall even sitting right next to their favourite artists. Fans also get to share the good news of which concerts they are watching on their social media sites. The artists and sellers of the tickets will also be able to sell an unlimited amount of tickets for existing live concerts and on-demand content.

The unique product from ConcertVR will create a win-win situation for both the artists and the fans. Fans will watch live concerts from their homes at an affordable price. The solution will also have additional features such as backstage coverage, 1-1 performances and social media integration that will enhance the user's experience, ConcertVR will establish long-term contracts with artists and organizers of concerts which will ensure that there are always shows and music available for the fans. Viewers will need to download the concerVR app or buy a code via the standard payment systems or cryptocurrencies and enjoy the concerts while wearing their VR glasses. Users can purchase the access codes from the app, from the concertVR website, from ticket vendors, or the merchandising concert booth.

Main features of ConcertVR

The key features of concertVR include:

  • Users will get to enjoy concerts in virtual reality or on demand
  • Once they buy the concerts tickets, they get to enjoy the content on different platforms including on their smartTV, browsers, smartphone or VR glasses
  • Users get to choose the camera perspective they want to experience the concert from
  • One can enter a coupon code and get to select the content they want for free from a wide selection
  • Viewers can tell their friends what concert they are watching using social media
  • Users get to know their friend's reaction in real time
  • Users can invite friends directly as the concert is going on and chat with them.
  • The CVT token is a utility token that will be used to enable different transactions on the site. The ICO will take place on 15th April to 15th May 2018. The total tokens that will be sold during the public sale are 220,000,000. Each of the tokens is valued at 0.00015 ETH. The CVT token can be bought using Bitcoin or Ethereum. The site is also set to start accepting credit cards and payment via PayPal soon. The CVT token will be listed on various exchanges for trading.

The CVT Token

* Total tokens: 400,000,000
* The fixed cost of a token: 0.00015 ETH
* Pre ICO had a hard cap: 1,200 ETH
* Main ICO will lead to a market capitalization capped at 60,000 ETH
* Pre ICO sold out in less than 4 days
* Main ICO will last for 31 days or until hard cap has been reached

Team Members

The ICO has following team members;
  • Sebastian Deyle is the Founder and CEO of the Company
  • Andreas Knuffmann is the Co-Founder and CCO of the Company
  • Frank Zahn is the Head of Development and CDO of the Company
  • Dennis Weidner is the Advertisement and Community Manager of the Company
  • Stefan Schulz is the Executive Advisor for Board at ConcertVR
  • Giovanni Cicivelli is the Financial Advisor at ConcertVR
  • Jan Mewes is the Artist Acquisition at ConcertVR
  • WINHELLER law firm is the Legal / Tax at ConcertVR
  • Raimund Saier is the Financial Advisor at ConcertVR
  • Julia Hennings is the HR Board Advisor at ConcertVR
  • Maik Fahldieck is the Crypto Advisor at ConcertVR
  • Jonas Lempa is also a Crypto-Advisor at ConcertVR
  • Robert Clemens is the Development MVP at ConcertVR
  • Thilo Richter is the Crypto Advisor at ConcertVR
  • Jan Bollmeyer is also another Crypto-Advisor at ConcertVR

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