EndChain ICO (ENCN Token): Blockchain Logistical Supply Chain Solution

Saturday, November 24, 2018

What Is EndChain?

EndChain is a decentralized platform utilising open protocols and utilities with the purpose of disrupting the logistics industry whilst connecting transportation companies, producers, forwarders, and other applicable events through transparent, simplified transactions. The result of this will be a seamless trade of items in a tightly closed and traceable manner.

EndChain emphasizes on the entire logistics chain process. That is, from the manufacturer, to the business, to retailers up to the consumers. This will enable EndChain to grow to be a blockchain solution that is convenient to use and understand for all the gamers inside the grant chain.

By addressing the wishes of the logistics enterprise during the production process, EndChain will improve the general ride and facilitate the mass adoption of blockchain.

How EndChain Blockchain Logistical Supply Chain Solution Works

EndChain will combine all the merchandise on its furnish chain with patent pending barcode and QR combination in order to make it effortless for companies and users to use the chain. Additionally, this mixture will reduce confusion amongst logistics providers and enable EndChain to effortlessly combine existing systems.

The essential challenges facing manufactures these days is supply chain mismanagement and counterfeits. EndChain gives a answer to this trouble by monitoring all merchandise from the factor of inception to their ultimate destination. To make the tracking possible, each product is scanned at the factor of manufacture and assigned an man or woman chain identifier.

Furthermore, EndChain will do away with theft and make sure duty through the transportation code, which is scanned and sent to distribution and transportation centers. This video display unit the motion of the items thru the distribution technique till their closing destination.

After the shoppers get hold of their item, EndChain will minimize the amount of work done by using the save employees and buyers as the personnel will solely be required to scan the object in order to register the product as bought on the blockchain.

Consumers can resell their objects the usage of the EndChain system, which will facilitate the complete process to ensure authenticity of 2nd hand items.

EndChain Advantages

All records involving gadgets on EndChain in recorded onto its blockchain. This enables to customers to view the gadgets history however no longer be able to alter or delete any of the facts and in doing so minimize worker blunders whilst protecting the privateness of consumers.

Direct Communication
EndChain facets an encrypted verbal exchange process that allows all conversation all through the manufacturing and transportation process. The conversation lines are secure, as only the contributors will have get admission to to it.

Physical Security
EndChain reduces theft cases at some stage in the grant chain procedure by using marking all stolen objects inside the system. This permits it to discover and flag theft rapidly for the duration of the manufacturing and transit process.

Smart Contracts
The platform will put in force clever contracts with the provide chain, which will make certain transparency, and compliance by means of all events concerned in a technique whilst additionally making sure the validity of digitized logistics documents.

Who is fascinated in EndChain?

EndChain offers a whole and reasonably-priced logistics package that benefits all parties in the provide chain. While most utility tokens focal point on high give up items, EndChain focuses on low to medium markets, areas that have been disregarded for too long. EndChain can enter this market due to the fact of the ease and low price of our system in contrast to other utility tokens that focal point on costly NFC chips or manual entries.

How does this help EndChain buyers?

With a giant doable consumer base, EndChain can work at once promoting our products. 2-4% of the revenue generated from income will be committed to burning EndChain tokens. This will assist limit the variety of EndChain tokens in the lengthy run; thus increasing prices. Because most agencies want to plan beforehand and budget, they have a tendency to purchase and keep a number of EndChain tokens. This will create robust help for the EndChain market.

How to Invest

EndChain ENCN Token ICO Details

Token: ENCN
Token Sale Date: December 1st, 2018 – January 15th, 2019
Token Price: USD 0.16 – USD 0.24
Soft Cap: USD 4 Million Or 23,219,944 EndChain Tokens
Hard Cap: USD 15 Million Or 74,567,312 EndChain Tokes


EndChain is a patent-pending blockchain utility business enterprise that is centered on bringing mass adoption of blockchain monitoring to all markets. Our patent-pending QR and barcode aggregate permits EndChain to have 2 awesome advantages in this market: integration and price. 

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