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Friday, November 23, 2018


With so lots pumping and dumping going on, most new startups are making an attempt new measures to stabilize the market and to inspire people to preserve their coins. It’s easier to maintain a coin when you comprehend that its value may increase in the future. It is even easier to do so when the community rewards you for keeping it.

Several startups (LUX/AKA)have carried out masternodes and/or PoS mining to supply buyers greater reasons to hodl. SUQA went one step in addition with the aid of sincerely rewarding human beings who preserve the cash in their wallets. We are speakme about 5% APR and 25% for the first 3 months to inspire early adopters and investors.

In fact, to make things even easier, investors are not even required to have their wallets on-line in order to receive the month-to-month rewards. This makes it a lot more cost effective for most of us who do no longer have our very own server machines with static ip’s.

The remaining goal of SUQA is way more ambitious than to be simply another cryptocurrency – SUQA goals to become an ecosystem for Cryptolancers, Blockchain Startups, and Charities. This potential that the coin will have a actual utilization and this, ideally, capability that its fee will be growing over time (Read the detail whitepaper and the roadmap here).

Recently, the platform algorithms such as Ethash, Equihash, ... began to show up more positive. Today I desire to inform you about a new currency guide an algorithm such as X22i. The coins are referred to as SUQA. This algorithm has no longer been popular. But even so, organizations of SUQA assured that algorithms will secure adequate to operate the take advantage of on a quantum computer, as well as on the Asic. This will principally involve the existence of a hassle such as not ample memory, standard of such devices. In addition to the potential to make a new mining algorithm, SUQA will also have excessive transaction price of 533 transactions per second with low transaction costs. Fold seventy five times Bitcoin.

The next aspects of electronic cash SUQA is to give investors the opportunity to make money from their deposits. The amount of such income would be 5 percent of donations. All this is thanks to the prolonged reminiscence measurement X22i. The first three months would be 25 percent. An essential factor of the complete ecosystem is SUQA troubles such as safety and transparency in the implementation of all the action. Security is supplied through the special tackle of the wallet, this makes the SUQA become a coin a digital asset reliability.

Transparency is guaranteed via the openness of the source code. SUQA started attracting extra and greater interest from these fascinated in digital money.

The property of SUQA used in all transactions with any different electronic related. The fundamental reason of SUQA is used in mission funds, will reward all users and therefore contribute to the improvement of technology. That's all what I desire to inform you about the money. At this point, has been buying and selling in the SUQA 5 trading ground and on coinmarketcap.


Here is a quick intro for how to mine SUQA Coin. I will publish soon a better tutorial comparing the miners' performances and benchmark different GPU like GTX 1050 Ti, GTX 1060, GTX 1070 (Ti), GTX 1080 (Ti), RTX 2080 (Ti), RX 570, RX 580 4GB/8GB.

First of all, create a wallet, you can choose one from the official webpage

SUQA created its own brand new X22i POW algorithm for its blockchain to be available to the average ordinary CPU and GPU miner, with the goal of spreading the hash. X22i is developed to be ASIC, FPGA, and QUANTUM resistant to prevent the break of the decentralized consensus mechanism.

Best Miner:

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What To Mine:

Monitor your Masternodes

SUQA Coin specifications

Coin name: SUQA
Ticker: SUQA
Algorithm: X22i
Coin Type: POW
Max. supply: 1,078,740,313+10%dev fee
Block Time: 2 minutes
Max Block Size: 16mb
Max tx/s: 533 tx/s
Difficulty Retarget Algo: DarkGravityV3
RPC port: 20971
P2P port: 20970
Ico: No
Pre-Mine: No
Masternode: No
Pre-Sale: No
Dev-Fee: 10%
Genesis: 26 September 2018


Despite the undertaking being in its preliminary state, SUQA is developing extraordinarily fast. The coin effortless to mine and its ASIC-resistant algorithm makes it a very solid choose for GPU mining. As with most new tasks reviewed here, mining and maintaining seems to be the fine approach for now. The coin is listed only in a couple small exchangers and devs are still working on partnering with bigger ones. Overall, I’d say that humans who experience hodling their freshly mined coins may find SUQA the most interesting.

Author: indopool


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