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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Hello everyone, If you are involved in blockchain technology, you need to look at my article due to the fact I will introduce the Uptherium task which creates a protected and easy-to-use software to spend crypto that you get at some of your favored online stores like Amazon, eBay, Etsy and even pay a cup your morning coffee. and to find out more about the advantages of the Project Uptherium, right here is an explanation:

About Uptherium

Uptherium application has been designed to work with the complete network and create a seamless experience. That is why we developed a thorough inspection technique for each utility added to the network. We bootstrap new software initiatives with creative developers and skills who present the best, brightest and truly useful purposes for you.

Uptherium is the only crypto software hub that unites your world under one platform for convenience, giving members a higher way to get crypto every day from applications in the ecosystem.

Built on our personal blockchain, UPZ has been designed for velocity and affordability. Because speedy and low priced transactions be a one-of-a-kind right. We should observe here, that each and every utility in the Uptherium ecosystem uses UPZ tokens. To keep our economic system stable, the UPZ used to be burned unusable with a UPZ charge of 0.5% per transaction.

Uptherium is a software that can assist you to become an insider, giving you preliminary get right of entry to new initiatives that exhibit sturdy pre-launch possible and more. Yes, that’s Uptherium, your personal incredible ecosystem of crypto purposes that are supported by using blockchain and driven by our neighborhood to help you remain ahead.

Apps that assist you to end up an insider, granting you early get entry to new initiatives that show robust pre-launch doable and so much more. Well, that’s what Uptherium is, your personal superb ecosystem of crypto apps powered by using blockchain and steered through our community to help you continue to be ahead.

  • One high-quality hub of crypto apps
  • Register only once
  • Whole ecosystem rewards you 

Our Economy How Uptherium Works

Tokenomics! This is important, constantly keep in mind with any blockchain project, that sturdy Tokenomics is key for success. What is Tokenomics? It’s the active marketplace for shopping for and selling that’s created with a practical reason for day by day utilization, that’s sustainable. Let’s face it, you’ve seen blockchain initiatives fail because there was no real use case, the purpose for the project, or revenue developing provider model. Uptherium wins due to the fact we have splendid tokenomics that domesticate our marketplace. Built on our very own blockchain, UPZ is designed for pace and affordability. Because fast, low priced transactions shouldn’t be a privilege. We notice here, that each app in the Uptherium ecosystem uses the UPZ token. To maintain our economic system stable UPZ is burned– rendered unusable– at a fee of 0.5% UPZ per transaction. Plus, with Uptherium you can earn UPZ via the use of the Uptherium network for the day to day things to do and transactions you do already. Every year, we give returned a proportion of revenue we earn from app transactions, we distribute it in UPZ to our community members, this is through, our “Raid the Reserve” initiative.

Why Choose Uptherium?

Uptherium has an ecosystem through combining 5 applications. This will make certain that we can accommodate and complete a range of needs. With the same level of carrier and excellence on the platform, our aim is to undertake massive ambitious however very possible!

We have dedicated ourselves to becoming a superpower in the blockchain area by creating a seamless experience. We are also constructing a hub that you can personalize with an application that will give you the energy of your crypto experience.

But the crypto area develops very fast. So how can we graph to continue to be on top of new developments?

Always active to engage with the crypto neighborhood and make bigger cognizance through: 
  • Sustainable Marketing: We format to construct our company via the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain informative convention and talking activities, and set up ongoing enterprise partnerships that are in line with our ecosystem.
  • Social Media Channel Involvement: Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Forum,, primary networks, associates etc.
  • Employing our Ownership Growth Model: In addition to our interior advertising division, Uptherium will also companion with leading Marketing and Branding dealers to make bigger awareness, trigger growth, and increase conversions.
  • Individual participation: This is key. Every undertaking is terrific and is supported by first-rate people. Which makes it happen. We are this team — you and us. We will grow Uptherium together with its energetic part. 

Token info

Uptherium is the ERC-20 blockchain custom built specifically. We will not only consistently conduct security audits on the blockchain but we will prevent attacks through AI-driven technology because safety and security are the most important.

Token UPZ

Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Price in ICO 0.10 USD
Tokens for sale 375,000,000


Stage 1: 30% Bonus
Stage 2: 20% Bonus

Investment info

Min. investment 100 USD
Accepting BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH, Fiat
Distributed in ICO 75%
Soft cap 2.000.000 USD
Hard cap 25.000.000 USD


Q4 2017:
  • Blockchain ideation and initial team formation
  • Uptherium is formed officially
Q1-Q3 2018:
  • Developing the platform architecture and business model
Q3 2018:
  • The Crowdfunding Campaign Launch and Pre-Platform development for the Core Five
  • Strategically staffing additional team members
Q1 2019:
  • Core 5 Platform Final Testing (Test Net) and Auditing
  • Core 5 Marketing and Awareness Building Campaign Initiation (Pre-Growth Phase 1)
Q2 2019:
  • Core 5 Launch and Uptherium Token/ (Main Net)
  • Implement Growth Phase 1 (Strategic Partnerships)
  • Proprietary growth mechanism we will employ for steady progress.
Q3 2019:
  • New app submissions for ecosystem expansion for following year 2020 launch
  • Key Partnership Expansion Initiative /Announcements
Q4 2019:
  • Annual Revenue Percentage -Raid the Reserve Coin AirDrop for Uptherium Members Only

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