Airsave Travel: Earn Money Toward Your Travel Goals

Monday, February 25, 2019

Travel has end up a necessity in most people’s lives. People are continually traveling for enterprise or leisure. People dream of being able to journey the world from a special standpoint however supply up on them because of finances. Now, with the aid of capacity of different partnership with an international travel agency STA Travel, it is feasible to combine the power of the blockchain with your Facebook friends. You and your pals can shop money and attain your journey goals.

About AirSaveTravel

Airsave Travel is a decentralized software (DApp), being built in 2018. It is the one-click science which requires no signal in, login or installs. Airsave Travel utilizes blockchain technology to seamlessly attract, authenticate and reward all customers within its ecosystem who choose to the retailer and earn money for their travels.

The platform gives savings in their company new cryptocurrency, Airsave Coins (AST). Savings can also be completed in fiat currency. You will see how without difficulty crypto-points can triple your actual revenue whilst tracking each digital and actual balances in actual time. Using the current Airsave concept (currently accessible on the App Store), alongside with open-sourced blockchain technology, you can use your buddy community to earn cash for all your travels.

When you keep £20 each month with us (or the equivalent in AST), you earn £5 each and every month for each pal you save with, and as you invite your pals and grow your referral list, you can watch your uncapped revenue grow. Every 4 months, you can then withdraw your savings and profits in fiat or any cryptocurrency of your choice, with a minimum of 20% of the sum paid out as travel vouchers – from their exclusive companion STA Travel.


  • Save and Earn: Both the customers and their pals have an choice of earning in tokens or fiat currency.
  • Refer Friends: Money can be earned when customers refer pals from their Facebook pal list.
  • Rewards: Redeem your financial savings and revenue to money in on tickets from STA Travel.
  • Free: The opportunity to save and earn virtual money comes with no attached costs. So, there are no dangers involved in making an attempt out the product.
  • Easy to Use: Tracking the month-to-month savings and salary are handy in convenient elementary dashboards. 

The Implementation of Civic for KYC

An vital function of our platform is the implementation of Civic for KYC. Civic Reusable KYC is a blockchain-based tool, which we have employed on the whole for account verification purposes. Its use reduce across numerous fields along with cryptocurrency and travel. Therefore, we think about it as a necessary device for our platform. We utilize this tool for some functions such as for security purpose as nicely as to comply with each and every crucial current (and upcoming) policies in our field. Below is an illustration on how it works:  

Civic Reusable KYC has a number of benefits that stimulated us to do KYC with Civic. These advantages are identified below:


With Civic Reusable KYC, groups easily attain proof that identification data has been authenticated by means of a depended on the institution. The corporation (Service Provider) in need of KYC receives only the vital statistics to fulfill the request. By eliminating the sharing of needless amounts of data, Civic KYC works to keep user privacy.


Building a proprietary KYC functionality is a costly, unstable and time-consuming proposition. Companies of any size can simplify their user onboarding trip by way of the usage of the Civic Reusable KYC. Users only need to post their records as soon as in the Civic App to get confirmed and register for a new account. There’s no want to enter records more than one instances and with the Civic App, you can varify IDs and your Accredited investor popularity on your phone.


Reusable KYC lowers the whole price of ownership, as a person solely ever receives verified once. This dramatically reduces the overhead cost related to compliance and fraud prevention controls.


The Civic App stores a user’s PII securely on the user’s system using high-level encryption and biometric locks (such as fingerprint ID). The user reviews all requests for their information and chooses whether or not to approve or deny the request of the Service Provider. The facts remain beneath the user’s full control, and the Civic App makes it tougher for malicious groups or hackers to achieve get entry to a user’s information. 

AST Token

AST is the fusion of a new cryptocurrency with a modern retailer and earns platform built on blockchain technology. AST tokens, additionally referred to as Airsave Coin is an ERC20 token that lets in the get entry to to AST DApp and the capacity to store and earn money, crypto rewards, and STA Travel vouchers. AST tokens can be offered on various exchanges once the ICO has been completed.

The Airdrop Opening Date was once on ninth April 2018 and closes on 20th April 2018. ICO token fee is $0.4 USD for 1 AST with a total provide of 125 million AST.


Even even though AirSave Travel affords correct incentives to the customer, it will take some time and effort for the entire enterprise sketch to materialize. It is counseled that humans do thorough due diligence earlier than investing in its cryptocurrency. You can visit them on their website to get more facts about the platform. 

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