Empire Hotels, a blockchain based platform for hotels bookings

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Empire Hotels is a blockchain based platform that provides safe, transparent, end-to-end and low-cost bookings of a variety of hotel rooms globally available. It provides a fully in-app hotel service such as in-room dining, concierge services, bill review, etc. Empire Hotels aim to revolutionize the hospitality industry.

People generally use platforms such as or to find a well-priced room in the desired location. However most of the times there are fees applied to the bookings that are not clearly stated to the users. Hotels and guests are charged with a considerably high fee on bookings, and those platforms usually do not provide any further benefits or features to the users apart from displaying hotel alternatives. Typical third-party booking services such as Kayak and Expedia take advantage of their online monopoly and centralized systems to charge exorbitant fees to users and businesses. Hoteliers state that their rates may make up as much as 25% of the booking revenue.

Empire Hotels is not only a booking platform; it is an end-to-end service that assists the user from the moment of booking to the check-out. Additionally, all the users are registered through an easy-to-use KYC process, where their identity is checked and safely stored in the blockchain. It is safer for users and for hotels.

How does the platform work?

It’s very simple to get involved and increase your efficiency and profitability, project Owners will need to install the app on IOS or Android, then register and configure the profile and properties of the hotel, also assign prices and add photos with the description.

Then it’s very simple, customers who are interested in your Hotel will be able to easily view it and share with others the experience. Then they can easily place an order in Your room and use as a payment FIAT or EMPC (Empire Cash ) token.

The platform will charge a very small Commission for the transaction, because nothing is taken for the registration and that the platform will be able to exist for a long time Commission). The Commission will be different, depending on who you are, the Client or the Entrepreneur. If the Client is very small, and if the Entrepreneur — the affordable rates within.

All the meals, goods and services requested are seamlessly updated in the users account, allowing anticipated review of their bills, thus saving more time in the check-out, which can be equally processed in the app. This end-to-end service will be
improved over time by the addition of new features and improvement of the existing ones.

Based in London, Empire Hotels mention that its user-friendly platform will be able to process payments in both fiat and cryptocurrencies, and through the use of a decentralized and democratic support system will eliminate registration and commission fees and greatly reduce transaction fees. Empire hotels booking platform powered by its own crypto asset that will rival the likes of and with its 2.99% charges in cryptocurrencies and 7.99% in fiat, as opposed to the typical 15-25% commissions.

Empire Hotels reduces the cost and expands the hotels and guests benefits through the use of blockchain. With a decentralized blockchain economy, there is a direct communication and an improved relationship between businesses and their guests, providing a high level of mutual trust and optimal efficiency.

About the road map of the Empire Hotels project.

First Draft of the Idea
November 2017

The first idea for the app and the platform was designed. Even though this idea has changed over time, it was in November 2017 that we first discussed the development of this project.

Smart-Contract Design
March 2018

The smart-contract development and audit is a crucial stage in the process of an ICO. During this stage, the crypto-economics, figures, and supply were defined.

Whitepaper Development
March 2018

The whitepaper describes the technology and the features of our apps and platform, as well as the plans for the future.

Website + Dashboard Development
June 2018

The website and dashboard for the wallet was developed using the most modern technologies, and was repeatedly tested on many different devices.

ICO Phase
Commenes in January 2019

The ICO Phase will commence in January 2019 and will be split into three parts: Pre-ICO (pre sale), Phase 1, and Phase 2.

App Launch for Android and iOS
April 2019

The first version of the app will not be beta; it will be fully operational. This version will have all the features enabled from day one and will be updated over time.

July 2019

This feature, scheduled for July 2019, will provide a tool for users to pay via contactless using their phones, whilst withdrawing from their available EmpireCash coins.

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