Toqqn platform- Tokenizing the Social Media and Making it Great and Better

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Project Overview

Indeed information is power and if you really want be the relevant in any place of the society, and any other field, then you need information to stand out and be steps ahead of others. So many people have lost millions of money investing in the cryptocurrency simply because they good information of the projects they invested in. It's worthy to note that crypto investments which are online investments based on the blockchain technology are very much profitable, but without the proper knowledge, things can go the other way round. After a thorough study on the issues bothering the exchange markets today, and going through the materials of most exchange platforms, we very confident to present to you one of cryptocurenccy finest social media project-Toqqn.

Indeed Toqqn project is superb, it is the most transparent, extensible and unbreakable platform. Two “good heads” indeed they say is better than one, this is why Toqqn platform is built on great solid Technologies- conventional and blockchain technology in ensuring that anyone, from anywhere, get the opportunity to participate in the crypto economy without any financial barrier to entry. Also, with introduction of blockchain technology the system is decentralized.

By statistics, the social media users have tremendously skyrocketed since 2010 which is anticipated to hit about 2.77 by 2019. The increase in these users translates to great market opportunities for social media platforms which decide to be outstanding.

Challenges with Traditional Social media Platforms

Despite the wide usage of social media platforms, so many challenges are encountered everyday by these users. Some of these problems including the issue of centralization, for instance the Facebook ,the Whatsapp, the Instagram even the poplar Twitter are all being owned by few groups of business gladiators, as such, so much power is concentrated in the hands of just a few companies.

Meanwhile, apart from the issue of centralization, the traditional social media does not in any way support users’ privacy, security and is flooded with all manners of annoying ads. When we sign into social media, we simply have handed over personal data to apps designed expressly to scrape not only our own data, but also the data of our contacts - all because we are eager for the dopamine hit we get from answering a silly quiz.

The Solution

As said earlier in the intro, Toqqn Platform is the world finest social media platform introduced to put a final full-stop to the problems enlisted above. The Toqqn Platform is a free, decentralized alternative platform that respects users’ privacy, and disallows advertising time. The platform has the mission of creating a private and secure experience for social media users - decentralizing user data but lacks the adequate technology to achieving full decentralized system, and this led to combination of the two best conventional and blockchain technology.

Advantages of Using Toqqn Platform

With Toqqn platform, users’ privacy comes by default. The server contains no user’s information which mean no data can be used for any form of advertisement as it is seen the traditional platforms. The users of the platform will enjoy a 100% ad free experience supported by sales of our crypto (TQN). Additional revenue to support the platform will come from user fees for our marketplace. Crypto to the People will receive rewards points which can be exchanged for our crypto tokens. By this, anyone, regardless of financial standing can own crypto by sharing content on our platform.

Toqqn Token/ICO Details

Toqqn token (TQN) will be an ERC20 token which will mainly be used for carrying out any transaction activity within the platform. TQN will be listed in exchange as soon as the ICO is completed. Meanwhile, in ensuring the TQN’s value is retained; no other token will be created after a strict limit of 1 billion TQN is created.


Total supply: 1 billion toqqns (never to be increased)

10% to acquire funding - unsold toqqns to be added to platform reserve.
50% to Toqqn platform users.
15% reserved for the team
5% for Marketing, Bounties & Advisors
5% platform’s future development reserve

Funds Usage:

60% of the raised funds will be used entirely for the development of the platform.
10% of the funds will be kept as a reserve to deal with any emergency situations that may arrive.
20% of the raised funds will be used for branding and other marketing activities.
10% of the raised funds will be used for legal.


Supplied Token: 250 million toqqn (TQN)
Soft-cap: $500,000
Hard-cap: $2,500,000.

The pre-sale starts on the first week of October and a public token sale will be held from 1st week of November.

Toqqn’s initial value during the fundraising is set at $.01. Price will increase per week from $0.02 to $0.05 by the end of the coin offering. Investors will receive toqqns within the first week after the fundraising finishes. Later on toqqn will be used as a utility token, a payment method to buy and sell services in the marketplace which comes in Phase 3 of the project.

Acceptable means of Payment: BTC, ETH, PayPal & Payoneer

Project Roadmap

September 2017 - Initial Brainstorming
January 2018 - Project Team
March 2018 - Finalizing Project Details
October 2018 - Fundraising begins
Q1 2019 - Toqqn Platform
Q2 2019 - Toqqn Beta (User Data is Decentralized)
Q4 2019 - Completion of Platform 1.0
Q1 2020 - Toqqn 2.0 Beta (Phase 3)

The Great Team

Toqqn Platform is initiated and backed with professionals with an unquestionable wealth of experiences. Our team believes in the disruptive power of blockchain technology and smart contracts, and understands that most existing cryptocurrencies are great for techies but complex for common users; as such, brings strength and credibility to the project. So with them on the Toqqn project wheel, you can be rest assured that your investment is in the right platform.

Mervik Haums (Founder, CEO)
Sujathan R (CTO)
Shiju TV (Chief Architect)
He Yaohui (Senior Partner, Marketing)
Amr Gawish (Blockchain Developer)
Norma Rickman (Copywriter/Marketing Strategist)


Author: Doblenk
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