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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Eqwity ICO is an ecosystem that promotes the blockchain industry self-regulation of the new ICO standard introduction, decentralizing the company's governance and opening the door to tokenized inventory trading. Powered by means of EOSIO. As the pocket book enthusiasts, we agree with in decentralization through self-regulation. That is why we will add our initiative to the society to create a responsible market without buyers and the founders of the task safely without its growth.



ICO.E is the new ICO popular primarily based on bilateral transparency and bidirectional have confidence between undertaking founders and investors.

ICO.E potential Initial Coin Offering + Equity Airdropping! This new ICO fashionable targets to restoration all troubles encountered with the current ICOs.

ICO.E introduces new standards into its fundraising process: bilateral transparency, bidirectional trust, economic sustainability and Proof of Viability (PoV).

This ICO evolution will materialise underneath a fundraising platform in which whitelisted teams and audited initiatives with the aid of “Proof of Viability”, will be capable to increase funds with the aid of ensuring bilateral transparency, bidirectional trust, balloting proper and dividends to investors.


Community Voice is an on line governance platform for decentralizing company’s selection making.

Community Voice introduces a simple way to decentralize private organisation governance by way of giving again their voice to blockchain investors.

Community Voice make less complicated sturdy links forging between first-backers and founders thanks to a clever platform powered through Artificial Intelligence.

A decentralized world is emerging in blockchain industry, engaging heaps of buyers from all over the world round projects. Tomorrow, each investor will want to have his voice heard in these decentralized non-public companies.

So, let’s be ready to hear the community voice!


Blockchain Stock Exchange is the first Tokenized Shares Exchange devoted to devoted to most capitalized Blockchain companies.

Blockchain Stock Exchange introduces two new indexes in the market: BSE30 & BSE500. The BSE30 will list the thirty most capitalized organizations in the industry that have tokenized their equities. The BSE500 will list the 5 hundred that comply with these listed in the BSE30.

The market is slowly opening doorways to Equity Token trading. That’s why we aim to be at the crossroad of this change, for assisting all projects funded through an ICO.E to be equipped for tokenizing and record their equities in Blockchain Stock Exchange.


The first London based totally incubator for getting ready teams to reach a viable blockchain project.
  • 3 periods per year
  • 4 months mentorship program
  • 10 startups per session
  • 50K Pre-ICO.E investment
The Block aspire to reintroduce critical notions we have misplaced due to the fact that the emergence of blockchain startups.

Today, the put up ICO survival charge of blockchain startups is very low, heaps of initiatives may want to be viewed as dead due to the fact they didn’t materialize any product becoming any current market.

Thanks to a mentorship program, The Block will help promising teams to reach a product market fit, discover a achievable enterprise mannequin and define a real financial sustainability plan. 

Eqwity Ecosystem

The Eqwity crew has developed a device called ICO.E, a new ICO widespread that affords two-way interaction based totally on transparency and have faith between mission founders and investors. It will additionally encompass a new model for auditing projects called “Proof of Viability” (PoV). This new popular pursuits to take away present ICO problems, but does no longer have an effect on its strengths.

Eqwity additionally presents a new identification mechanism. Today, solely traders are forced to undergo the KYC procedure, but the dangers of fraud for investors with the aid of the founders of organizations are lots higher. Therefore, Eqwity additionally introduces KYF (Know Your Founders). KYF will include the identification of the founder, historical past biographical information and police data of criminal records and offenses. KYF will be conducted via an impartial 1/3 party, and the check consequences will be publicly available to investors. 

To protect the rights of investors, Eqwity implements a mechanism for distributing agency shares amongst buyers when buying token projects. The presence of shares in the fingers will supply the investor the right to vote in the decentralized management of the company, as well as the proper to get hold of dividends and money in the event of the sale of the company.

For the screening of doubtlessly failing projects, a mechanism of decentralized audit - Proof of Viability (PoV) will be used. Each submitted undertaking will be divided into element components - a team, product quality, marketing, tokenomics, etc. A decentralized community of auditors with a mechanism to protect against fraud and manipulation with the aid of auditors will be created to check the venture components. At the first stage, each section of the project will be evaluated independently, at the 2d stage, the entire mission is assessed. Audit outcomes will be publicly available.

Thus, Eqwity applied sciences will minimize the dangers of fraud on the phase of venture founders, as properly as put off the imbalance between buyers and founders, giving investors more rights and manipulate over the improvement of projects. 

ICO details

So, the Eqwity platform token will be EQY. A complete of 6 billion and 250 million tokens will be released. Approximate rate of 1 EQY will be 0.01 USD.

Now to the enjoyable part. Remember what I stated a couple paragraphs ago? So, Eqwity set three slats for fees. The first is a Soft Cap in the amount of 6 million USD. The 2nd is a hard cap in the amount of sixteen million USD. But there is additionally a 0.33 bar - Moon Cap in the amount of 30 million USD. And now take a seem to be at this tablet: 
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepted ETH, BTC, LTC, ETC, BCH
  • Start date Nov 29, 2018
  • End date Jan 29, 2019
  • Token price 1 EQY = 0.0100$
  • Released tokens 3 250 000 000
  • Soft cap 6 000 000$
  • Hard cap 16 000 000$
  • Minimal amount 1 EQY
  • Token EQY
Distribution Token

Benefit for developers

The decentralized platform Eqwity lets in you to region ICO, to entice investors for the full implementation of the plan. Due to the features of the Eqwity platform, the creators of promising initiatives will be in a position to find means for in addition development. Investors are interested in this to get shares and tokens.


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