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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Auxledger is an enterprise-grade blockchain used by using governments and corporations worldwide. Find out everything you need to understand the platform nowadays in our review.

Auxledger, determined online at, gives enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure with built-in clever contracts and other features.

The platform is best-known for being used by means of Indian authorities organizations. Auxledger is currently used with the aid of the government of India for land registry purposes. It’s also being developed to work for defense purposes, national security, digital fitness records, gain distributions, and more. Auxledger is being developed by an India-based business enterprise named Auxesis Group.

Overall, the blockchain is designed to make blockchain available to companies and governments. Today, Auxledger has 53 million+ users and 38 blockchain-based assets. It’s been walking effectively for 143 days.

Auxledger Features

Auxledger is an advanced enterprise-grade blockchain platform. The blockchain has clever contracts and other advanced features. Key features include:

IPFS Storage:

Auxledger has Interplanetary File System (IPFS) style storage, which means you can shop archives across the complete disbursed network. This is designed for most balance and security. There’s no centralized server for a hacker to attack and no single susceptible point in the network.

Interchain Portability:

Auxledger permits for cross-chain asset swaps across heterogeneous blockchains, which capacity you can switch blockchain-based property between two one-of-a-kind blockchains – say, non-public blockchains from one agency to another.

Turing Complete Smart Contracts:

Auxledger’s smart contracts can be built the usage of AuxCode. They help parallel operations, shredding, and unlimited scalability. Similar to Ethereum, Auxledger has its personal Auxledger Virtual Machine for smart contract operations.

Multiple Digital Assets:

Auxledger’s community permits for a limitless quantity and type of digital assets to be created and transferred across chains.

Auxledger and Government Use Cases

Auxledger is best-known for being the favored blockchain of the government of India. The agency grade blockchain is used for a quantity of critical tasks across the country, inclusive of the whole thing from a land registry to a gain distribution system.

Here are some of the use cases for which Auxledger is presently being used, or is being explored for use:

Electronic Health Record:

Many blockchain companies are looking for to deploy blockchain for digital fitness file (EHR) management. A properly EHR blockchain ought to remedy massive troubles in the scientific community. Auxledger’s website mentions the capacity of showing facts from a couple of databases, creating a reconciled community-wide directory of all data about citizens.

Benefit Distribution System:

Auxledger can be used to distribute government benefits in an immutable way, reducing fraud and enhancing effectivity for the duration of government services.

Official Registry for Government-Licensed Assets:

Auxledger can be used as an official registry for any assets registered with the government – from land data to firearms to rental property.


Auxledger should be used for voting, ensuring each person gets validated by the blockchain, then is allowed to issue one vote.

Ultimately, Auxledger ought to decrease fraud and error in more than one areas of the government, delivering huge advantages in phrases of efficiency and productivity.

Who’s Behind Auxledger?

Auxledger is a proprietary blockchain platform created through India’s Auxesis Group, which was shaped out of India’s first blockchain lab at the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai. Today, the organization is working with BFSI, the Indian government, and firms across India to deploy its blockchain infrastructure.

Auxesis Group is fantastically recognized for Auxledger. However, the company’s other offerings and structures consist of Darwinsurance (a smart contract based insurance plan platform), AuxCE (a high-frequency cryptocurrency exchange), and Auxy (an e-wallet for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies).

Overall, Auxledger has dozens of purposes throughout special country governments in India. It permits corporations to quickly deploy a blockchain-based network and deploy their enterprise logic on the pinnacle of it.

In November 2017, Auxledger made headlines for partnering with Cashaa, a money switch service going via a token sale from November to December.

Auxledger Conclusion

Auxledger is a blockchain platform made in India. It’s currently in use by governments and corporations across the country, with a total of 53 million Indians registered through Auxledger and its applications. The platform is an enterprise-grade blockchain featuring smart contracts and other advanced features.

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