Bitway ICO (BTWN Token): Cryptocurrency Mining Network

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Bitway Network permits humans to invest in a portion of the Ethereum and Bitcoin mining method and receive a monthly pay-out. The mining network is constructed on a self-supported and decentralized community that permits millions of traders to come to be energetic in the crypto mining process.

At the moment, there is a robust and growing demand for a well-structured mining operation that helps non-technical users, presenting them with the information, resources, and abilities required to allow them to participate in the house of cryptocurrency mining.

What Is Bitway?

By proudly owning Bitway, investors will acquire monthly pay-outs in Ethereum from the mining network. Moreover, Bitway will be targeted in mining Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BTC), and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

In order to acquire these goals, the mining network will be built from the floor using ASIC miners and a invulnerable integrated token that will be utilized as shares of the mining network income and traded on foremost cryptocurrency exchanges.

As the headquarters are placed in Norway, the low temperatures and hydropower electricity, the mining activities will decrease fees and amplify the mining efficiency. The mining centres will be positioned in the north of the u . s . along the same latitude as Siberia and Alaska. The price per KW/H is $0.06 USD, that means that the value for the electrical energy are also accessible and competitive.

Bitway desires to build one of the most worthwhile crypto mining operation centres. The top priorities are simplicity, security, cost-effectiveness, speed and habitual returns on investments.

In addition, Bitway has proven its success and has been tested and approved by hundreds of users. Those who have successfully joined the network. In addition, Bitway will be available to trade in several cryptocurrency exchanges in 2019.

This platform will use renewable water power at very attractive prices for mining. In addition, mobile mining containers and strong ASIC equipment will be used. That, without options, is a very profitable investment that will bring profits in a month.

For convenience and convenience, users of this platform have developed software that allows you to track all mining operations in actual time.

Bitway BTWN Token ICO Details

Bitway is now supplying between 1300 and 1500 Bitway tokens per ETH depending on the buying application chosen. Those investors who want to make investments between 0.1 and 2 ETH will have 1300 Bitway tokens (BTWN) per ETH. If they make investments between 0.1 and 2 ETH they will receive 1400 Bitway per ETH. Finally, individuals who invest extra than 10 ETH they will acquire 1500 Bitway tokens per ETH.

There will be 21 million BTWN on hand at a price of 1ETH per 1000 BTWN. According to Bitway’s white paper, the ICO is offering a 193% annual ROI.

Funds Distribution

The distribution of the Bitway (BTWN) token will be as follows:

  • 93% Community
  • 4.3% Team
  • 2.7% Rewards

The token will be listed in some of the most necessary cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. The organisation believes that in the future, Bitway tokens ought to be exchanged at, HitBTC, Bittrex, Binance, Bitfinex, and ShapeShift, among others.

Bitway Cryptocurrency Mining Network Conclusion

Bitway ambitions to create a easy and profitable cryptocurrency mining network. The important cause is to allow even the most new users to experience the advantages of this new crypto mining network.

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