Temtum - peer-to-peer cryptocurrency where anyone can support the Temporal Blockchain network.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Hello everyone, this time I want to invite you to see a project where they are building a quality project, if you think this project is good there is no harm in joining them, if not please ignore my review and work on another project, because there is no coercion in choosing a project to invest in it.


This section provides an overview of the groundbreaking new technology behind temtum. Please refer to the glossary at the end of this white paper for a list of definitions. The temtum network achieves truly decentralised scalability, near instant transaction speeds and unprecedented transaction throughput, using low resources and future-proof cryptographic security.

With our improved network routing, the removal of the block size limit and a system architecture that ensures a single, randomly selected node confirms all transactions for 60 seconds, the only limitation to transaction throughput is the hardware and bandwidth of network participants. This is shown by the fact that we have demonstrated simulated transaction throughput speeds of 120,000 transactions per second in a laboratory environment.

The critical elements of the temtum network architecture are the Temporal Blockchain, the Consensus and Routing Algorithms, and the use of proven truly random numbers based on quantum interference science.

Temporal technology provides the temtum network with an archivable blockchain, distributing blockchain data storage across a range of specialised nodes in order to allow low-powered devices to participate in the temtum network.

temtum’s Consensus Algorithm is a unique approach to blockchain consensus, which by definition allows one – and only one – leader to be selected at any given time.This eliminates any potential malicious fork. It also eliminates the energy cost associated with proof-of-work consensus model, improving the overall network efficiency.

The Routing Algorithm removes the need for the use of any type of gossip protocol because, by design, each node has an accurate and up-to-date global overview of the network and transactions are sent only to the leader node, rather than to all nodes.

The NIST Randomness Beacon uses quantum mechanical effects to generate proven truly random numbers that are used to secure the Temporal Blockchain network. Other equivalent sources of randomness have been identified and proven and are described in the rodmap section of this document as alternatives.

Our Vision

It presents the marvelous possibilities that want to this element barely been touched on.

For cryptocurrencies to thrive, blockchain now desires to take the subsequent step in its evolution.
And that’s whereby temtum is accessible in. Temtum can assist at ease an truely allotted, decentralized and democratic future for monetary transactions.

It is a future that would no longer smash the surroundings. A future for in reality everybody, somewhere they stay in the global, in which the advantages of cryptocurrencies are accessible and available for all.

We have now not handiest viewed this top notch destiny, we have obtained designed the era, constructed it, examined it and mapped out how it will be utilized due to the fact of the handiest trade.

Temtum’s ambition is to be thousands greater than a cryptocurrency that virtually benefits speculators and that is simplest meaningfully utilized with the aid of tech-centered blockchain companies — it has an underlying purpose enabled with the useful resource of the most current day and sturdy blockchain technological know-how on hand in the marketplace: Temporal Blockchain superior and certified with the resource of way of Dragon Infosec.

Temtum builds on the extensive probabilities of blockchain science and overcomes a wide variety of the current boundaries confronted with the aid of capacity of modern day peer-to-peer networks, which attainable that they have bought completely been adopted in a limited way.

Temporal - A step change for blockchain

Temporal Blockchain technology transforms the way the blockchain works by reconstructing how peer-to-peer networks scale. It operates with less power, energy and storage, and processes transactions on very low-resourced devices at extremely high speeds, with an unparalleled degree of security. The temtum network can be scaled rapidly and at minimal cost. temtum eliminates the need for centralised pools of specialised hardware, delivering a blockchain network that’s environmentally conscious and can be run on any device connected to the web – even a smartphone.

This means that our vision of a truly decentralised, fully scalable network that can be placed in the hands of the many rather than the few is fully achievable. Yet with previous blockchain technology – which theoretically supported a similar vision – that simply wasn’t the case. Our technology innovations have supported the necessary evolution of blockchain, which in turn means that the temtum cryptocurrency represents a compelling mass-market proposition at a global level.

What Temtum will assist solve

Scalability It will assist prevent opposition in node dedication and help dispose of the choose to hold the whole chain files on all nodes. This will assist restriction useful useful resource necessities thereby making it easy for absolutely everyone to use.

Speed What limits the tempo of temtum is the bandwidth and hardware of the community of the users. This is due to the truth the surroundings friendly Consensus Algorithm and the limited block dimension will assist to raise the affirmation of transactions within 12 seconds!

Resources We have cautiously developed the Consensus Algorithm of temtum round our modern Node Participation Document and the chief nodes. This will aid decrease wasteful, inefficiency and the need for mining. Based on energy prices and assuming we are running temtum and Bitcoin at the equal size, the Bitcoin community is up to 16,573,693 cases greater high priced than the temtum network.

Security Since temporal is phase of temtum, it is challenging for it to be susceptible to theoretical attacks. This is due to the fact temporal is a quantum-secure blockchain community that used to be designed to use photon supply for the era of the random wide variety alongside with next-generation hashing algorithms.

Temtum Technology

The TEMTUM technology is fully developed to function compatibly with the web and mobile based applications, temtum live mainnet will be seamlessly deployed at approximately the same time coins are been distributed. All temtum coin will be given as a payment on the very day genesis block. The temtum technology comes with features such as; medium exchange features, divisibility potential (ability to fragment), convenience (ability to ensure super-faster zero cost transactions) and massive adoption potential on low powered device with the allowance for widespread network accessibility.

 Tem Available on the Coinall exchange

Trade TEMTUM (TEM) against USDT (TETHER)

  • Fiat-to-token trading: You can trade your fiat currencies for digital assets, or vice versa (not available via web).
  • Token-to-token trading: Trading between a variety of digital assets. You convert a digital asset of one type to another type.

I hope you believe when I say that the TEMTUM project is a blockchain project on a high-lane of excellence without rival, it is an efficient, quantum secured, superfast, high resource based and environmentally friendly payment coin (TEM) it offers loads of alternative to fiat currencies and can also be used on standalone wallet to wallet based services. Temtum without much stress can be perfectly integrated to function as global payment channels for consumers and businesses. Temtum is committed to giving the best because it has the best of team and with temtum it can only but get better.

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