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Thursday, August 22, 2019


In today's modern era, smartphones are a familiar thing in human life. The majority of people today use smartphones for various activities such as telephone, entertainment, or short messages. Speaking of short messages, short message applications are the most frequently used applications, for example, WhatsApp, Facebook, messenger, twitter, and so on. By using this application we can send messages quickly and without interruption. With the help of this application, we can send messages to anyone in the world at no cost by using the internet.

Keep Rewards in your Crypto Wallet   Keep all types of cryptocurrency in Nestree wallet from various Mainnet coins Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS as well as tokens such as ERC-20. You can freely store, trade and send tokens within the app. Trade You can trade cryptocurrencies peer to peer without using exchange platform Send You can send cryptocurrencies to your friends. Nestree Token (EGG) Users get rewarded by contributing to the channel they participate in.

Company deposits EGG in Channel for Ads, Promotion, Reward etc. 01Channel Manager EGG to give rewards to members and expose the Channel at the top of the DISCOVER tab   02User EGG to enter a paid channel or purchase a product in the Channel 03 Advertiser EGG to pay for the channel in exchange for AD posting.

Competitive Advantage

While Nestree aims to integrate with social media apps, and other payments processors and online markets, it can be compared to a number of blockchain projects that are attempting to disrupt the world of digital payments, messaging and/or content creation. These include Status, Mainframe, Skrumble Network, Steemit, Dusk, and Horizen. Furthermore, Telegram is the most established entity in the space and Nestree will do well to integrate with Telegram’s user base. Centralized service providers such as Facebook, WeChat, Whatsapp, Instagram, Medium, Bitcointalk, and Reddit are also possible competitors/collaborators while some of Nestree’s core features share similarities with Patreon and Bettergram.

Competitors’ Valuations:

  • Steem, valued $82M.
  • Status, valued $72M.
  • Horizen, valued $43M.
  • Mainframe, raised $20.6M.
  • Skrumble Network, raised $16.5M.

As Nestree incorporates a wallet it can also be compared to projects such as Ethos, Trust Wallet and IM Token, although the project remains closer in scope to social media/messaging projects. It’s worth noting that the Nestree team do not plan to compete directly with prevailing community messengers and social media services, and aim to co-exist with current services. They aim to interlink with other messaging apps, blogs, payment modules, and ecommerce outlets. This will be facilitated by Nestree establishing a network that connects via the publicly available Nestree API.

The solution that will be handled

While the team don’t elaborate on the technical composition of their messenger service they do state that the app’s cryptocurrency wallet allows P2P trades, and to initiate a transfer, a user proposes a transaction for an amount of currency of their choosing. Upon the other party’s approval, the requested transaction is completed. Transactions are carried out on the blockchain, and smart contracts ensure every trade is safe, furthermore cryptographic passwords that have been requested for the transaction are returned if the transaction fails.


Work on the project began in Q1 2018, when the team first came together and designed the system architecture and began developing the messenger service. A closed beta version for both i0S and Android was completed at the end of 2018 and this was opened up in Q1 2019. The app is now available to download on both the Apple and Google Play app stores, while an APK file is also available to download directly from the official website.

The team are now in the midst of running their official community channels and recruiting initial users and the Android version of their app has over 10,000 downloads while the Nestree Telegrams groups have a similar number of members collectively. Over the remainder of the year the team will work towards adding various features such as the AD Share Platform, Contents Rewards, and Channel Subscriptions. They will also look to upgrade their Discover Tap and Transaction Performance over the same period. A desktop version of the Nestree messenger compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems is scheduled to launch in Q1 2020.


Nestree is an intriguing project with a strong use case, as the majority of the activity conducted on various platforms such as Telegram, Reddit, Bitcointalk, and Patreon still needs to be synchronised and merged within an easy to use communications platform. A rewards based, fully featured messenger service makes good sense and the app is already developed with over 10,000 downloads. Most importantly, Nestree is not trying to compete with service providers such as Telegram, Whatsapp, and WeChat and will instead aim to integrate with them which helps to further strengthen their market strategy.


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