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Monday, August 12, 2019

Temtum provides a new technological breakthrough with the Network achieving truly decentralized scalability, even approaching unprecedented transaction speeds and transaction throughput. With increased network routing, elimination of block size limits and system architecture that ensures one, randomly selected nodes confirm all transactions for 60 seconds, the only limitation for transaction throughput is the hardware and bandwidth of network participants. The critical element of the traditional network architecture is the Temporal Blockchain, the Consensus Algorithm and Routing, and the use of random numbers that are truly proven based on the science of quantum interference.

Temporal allows local nodes to define themselves as temporal nodes and to archive data, which minimizes the use of storage space. Temporal systems ensure the integrity of the blockchain even though data is archived locally, nodes are possible to validate previously transactions without downloading and storing the entire blockchain. Archive nodes operate as part of the Temporal node and perform Temporal node functions and archive the entire history of Temporal Blockchain. Temporal allows short term data storage on nodes, while maintaining the integrity and full history of the blockchain. This data storage method allows low power devices to fully participate in traditional networks and confirm transactions without requiring the resources requested by evidence of traditional blockchain networks such as Bitcoin. The combination of general consensus algorithms and temporal technology allows traditional networks to provide very high transaction throughput and short transaction confirmation times with low resource requirements.

The concept used by Temtum

Temtum is a combination of two amazing concepts that sill underpin this technology. Some of the benefits of temtum are outlined below.

  • Transactions are faster
  • Transactions are more secure
  • Transactions does not require a lot of resources
  • The coin is environmentally friendly
  • It is an alternative to fiat currencies
  • It serves as a payment platform for businesses and customers alike.

Temtum can be run on devices that use the internet, like smart phones, cars, drones and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Our technology has already been in use and it has already been integrated in BMW cars which make the care useful in a full node network, hence there is no need for additional hardware.

Our experienced team members and developers have spent quality time in designing this technology. Temtum is even integrated in online payment, e-commerce, online games, mobile solutions and other avenues that require digital payment.

What is achieved by such advantages

a unique consensus algorithm that, unlike energy-intensive Proof of Work, reduces to a single computation by any independent node;

high degree of security thanks to the NIST beacon, which is capable of generating accidents impossible for hacking and computing;

short data storage time on various energy resources, information is transmitted directly to the main node;

high speed network, it is 120 000 TPS.

Such a blockchain is reasonably suitable from the environmental side for the preservation of both nature and human health, makes it available to everyone who wants to participate in the maintenance of the network even from a mobile phone with low energy consumption, the main thing is that the Internet is turned on. Zero fees allow you to make large amounts of transactions.

The solution we will face

Temtum has set out to solve all inherent problems faced by not only many existing cryptocurrencies but peer-to-peer blockchain networks as a whole both now, and in the most technologically advanced of futures, where speed, scalability, security and high resource requirements are most pertinent and continue to limit adoption. The Temporal Blockchain, developed by Dragon Infosec, combined with temtum’s innovative Consensus Algorithms and AI-powered Performance Integrity Protocol, removes network competition, drastically improves network efficiency and uses a source of light for quantum effect randomness. The result is a fast, quantum secure, environmentally friendly and highly scalable payment coin that has been developed to both integrate into existing payment infrastructures and deliver as a standalone cryptocurrency, allowing even the most under-resourced individuals to benefit from immediate, feeless transactions, no matter who or where they are in the world - TEM.

A new cryptocurrency called temtum will be the most technologically advanced and globally preferred blockchain coin (TEM) and will set new standards in security, speed, resource requirements and scalability. temtum’s vision is to become the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world, adopted into mainstream payment markets by regular consumers and citizens on every continent. The name ‘temtum’ represents a combination of two of the main concepts that underpin this technology, The Temporal blockchain (‘tem’) and quantum randomness (‘tum’). We will explain these concepts in detail within this paper, particularly in the ‘Technology’ & ‘Network Integration’ sections. There are a lot of cryptocurrencies now in existence, but critically none has yet succeeded as a mainstream form of payment used by millions of regular people around the world for everyday transactions.

As such, temtum offers a giant leap forward with technology that has the potential to meaningfully transform the way that value is globally exchanged and stored. Perhaps the greatest leap forward of all is that it can be run on almost any device connected to the internet – including smartphones and IoT devices, cars and drones. Our integration of the temtum network in a BMW i8 is a world-first in terms of using a car as a full node in a network, without the need for additional hardware. This makes it accessible to ordinary people who have so far largely been excluded from the benefits of blockchain technology. temtum has established technical leadership and a dedicated team of developers who will continue to extend intellectual property development by executing our intended technical and integration roadmap described elsewhere in this document. Included in these innovations are sharding and delegation, fiat money integration via existing banking infrastructures and smart contract capabilities.


We believe that temtum represents a remarkable new opportunity beyond even a step-change for blockchain and the first mass-adoption of a cryptocurrency. In fact, we believe that temtum can form the basis of an entirely new – and better – way of structuring financial relationships that is more environmentally friendly, transparent, traceable, secure and reliable than existing



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