Monday, November 13, 2017

Worldcore-Financial Solutions Platform of the digital world

Are you looking for a good payment platform? If so, Worldcore could be your recommendation. There are currently many payment platforms that offer secure payment methods, but not every platform offers the best service. What about Worldcore? Have you ever heard of it? You can read some of the reviews below to learn more about Worldcore.

Worldcore is already known as a successful payment institution, when Ethereal was created. Since its launch, Worldcore has begun offering a variety of payment products, winning awards and opening its virtual doors to thousands of customers worldwide.

Worldcore is a payment institution governed by an EU license granted by the National Bank of Czech Republic. The current annual transaction volume is expected to exceed EUR 100 million by the end of 2017.

Worldcore Mission

Our mission is to develop an integrated digital ecosystem, integrating our modern banking alternative features with cutting edge technology in Blockchain.
Driven by our ambition to revolutionize the fintech industry, our digital institutions are gradually integrating Blockchain products into their established portfolio:

-Blockchain P2P loan platform
-Block-based cash payment platform for easy conversion of crypto currency to cash and vice versa
-Transformation to Swiss bank with further IPO on London Stock Exchange

What is a WRC token?

WRC tokens are part of your Worldcore revenue. This is a digital asset, which you can hold or sell on a cryptocurrency exchange to another merchant after the end of the ICO. You can also store your tokens in your account and receive only a profit share once a year. When Worldcore profits increase, your WRC tokens do the same, as revenue-sharing increases and other merchants will want to buy it. The rights to your token are stored in a decentralized blockchain registry that can not be changed by anyone else.

Details of ICO

Peluncuran Crowdsale: 14 Oktober 2017 12:00 (UTC + 3)
Token Pembelian: Ethereal, Bitcoin
Token Harga 1 WRC = $ 0.1
Jumlah Pasokan Token: WRC
Bonus 5% - 10%

Profit share

30% of the company's profits are distributed to the token holder. Each holder receives a share of the profits in proportion to the number of tokens purchased. Payment made to Ethereal wallet.

Access to the report is determined by the number of tokens purchased early. Participants, with tokens worth more than USD 50,000, have access to Worldcore real-time statistics while annual reports are available to other token holders.

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