Introducing the Datareum Decentralized Data Marketplace

Thursday, March 22, 2018
We all generate unreasonable amounts of data in our daily lives. Every purchase (electronics) we make, every Google search we make, every website we see, where our bookmarks are on each website, every social media post we see, comment, share, like, skip, pause, and see for more than half a second - all of this is recorded in a growing global database exponentially.
The level of data production increases in such a way that, according to IBM Marketing Cloud research, 90% of data currently on the Internet has been created only since 2016. And as more and more devices - such as sensors in your Fitbit, smart refrigerators, and your desk Alexis - connect to the Internet, data production will only be accelerated.

All of these data have value. Today it is mostly used for marketing and academic research but is increasingly being used to make useful suggestions and predictions about ourselves and feed artificial intelligence that will ultimately be the most valuable thing ever made.

But it's all still long enough. For now, the real value of data is largely out of our reach - none of us can retire from the profits generated by it. IDC's research shows that 90% of the data generated so far is still unstructured, which means it is difficult to extract the tangible meaning from it. What structured data we have is largely absent in our personal control. "Custodians' data like Facebook, Google, and Amazon use them for great profit. Then there's the "Data Broker" that erodes whatever they can and sells it to the highest bidder.

How does the Datareum platform work?
To provide high-quality data, channels are created. When the channel completes its quality, they release market data and suppliers who are rewarded with tokens. Then the data can be entered into data that can be purchased at the right price. The first customer buys data from the database and, once in use, can resell it to the platform. This is primarily an innovation of a decentralized database - the owner is an entity. Sales data from customer A can be purchased from customer B. Parts of data are sold to the power database to further develop it. More specifically, platform functionality can be seen in the project section. in short, the project is promising, which can be used by projects, platforms, and solid teams. They are not random people and not anonymous. We have a lot of confidence in this project.

Solutions offered by Datareum
Datareum is built on the public blockade of Ethereal. This platform will allow peers to transact sensitive personal information full and without encountering hacked data. The first Datareum platform will use online surveys to build the market. Will create superior quality data with innovative tools for all types of researchers in the market.

Datareum platform will eliminate data broker with peer to peer sharing data. The blockchain feature integrated with this platform will eliminate data cost of data warehousing by storing data on distributed networks. The data will be saved to the form of data that will be stored by the attacker because the cost of the platform will be much higher than the cost of information obtained.

The following are the benefits available to the data provider

  • Anonymity
  • Filling in the information
  • Take the full flow of data
  • Generate the rest of your data
  • Sell only the data you want
  • Earn money by filling out surveys
  • Immediately generate the payment
  • Reduce costs by eliminating mediators in processing data
  • Have relevant data from a specific demographic only
  • Performance is fast and convenient
  • Determine the research budget
  • Data that can be defined by humans, not bots
  • Returns on the Datareum platform
  • Conduct the survey as per your requirements

ICO Details for Datareum
The token symbol associated with the Datareum platform is 'DTN'. the total supply of DTN will be 1 billion. The token available for sale is 600,000,000 DTN. The soft arm is $ 500,000. ICO hard hat is $ 18,000,000. Initially, the DTN token price is $ 0.03 USD. The currency to be received for the purchase of Datareum is ETH.

Distribution & Use Token 

Our sales crowd will be double audited with all tokens stored in escrow and returned to the buyer if soft cap is not reached.

  • Nov 2017. Research and concept development
  • Mar 2018. The launch of the DTN website, community, air and gift programs
  • Apr 2018. Pre-Sales DTN
  • May 18th. Public Sales Whitelist
  • Jun 2018. Public Sales DTN
  • Jul 2018. Token issued after KYC
  • August 2018. Tokens are listed on the exchange
  • Q4 2018. Settlement of Smart payment contracts and data exchange services
  • Q4 2018. Wallet system
  • Q1 2019. Launch of the Provider & Requesting web portal
  • Q1 2019. The launch of iOS and Android apps for Provider & Requesters
  • Q3 2019. Continue acquisitions and strategic investments to support the adoption and growth of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and FinTech globally.
  • Q4 2019. The launch of Data Markets
  • Q1 2020. The e-commerce platform for registering products from a requester is paid in DTN
  • Q2 2020. The launch of Marketing campaigns across Europe and the United States
  • Q3 2020. The launch of Marketing campaigns in Asia
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