HADA DBank - Digital Bank to combine Sharia Banking Module with Blockchain Technology

Friday, April 6, 2018

Avoiding the disadvantaged aspects of conventional banking to advocate for a more equitable and more transparent ideal of Islamic banking, Hada Bank aims to become the first digital bank to combine Islamic banking modules with innovative features of blockchain technology.

With the emergence of Islamic banking principles to forge a new future in the face of today's conventional banking and financial systems, Kuala Lumpur-based Hada DBank is working to place itself at the forefront, established on the Islamic values of risk sharing and responsibility fair and transparent, coupled with technological innovation blockchain.

HADA DBANK will be the first Digital Bank to incorporate Shariah Banking Module with Blockchain Technology, to create an ethical and responsible banking ecosystem.

Why Sharia Banking?

Although similar operations appear on the surface, Islamic banking is distinguished from traditional banking in two main principles: the first is the distribution of profit and loss, the second is the prohibition of interest by lenders and investors, discards all flowering models that have proved unsustainable and are implicated in failure global banking.

Less risky: Due to stringent principles relating to capital requirements and savings mobilization, Sharia Banking by definition carries less risk and results in more robust operations than its conventional counterparts.

Transparency: Sharia bank depositors are entitled to full information on what and how banks use their deposits. Depositors are also democratically allowed to have a vote in which their money is invested.

Islamic banking and financial services are not limited only to Muslims. There are many adjustments in conventional banking organizations by forming their own Islamic Banking charters, such as HSBC Amanah, Standard Chartered Saadiq and BNP Paribas Najmah.

Global Islamic Financial Assets has reached USD2.1tn in 2014 with stable growth forecasts.

DBAN HADA Exclusive Features and Excellence

Among the services to be provided by Hada DBank include:

BOT HADA - Financial Management Bot / Personal Finance Assistant (HUDA)

Cashback & Discount

  1. Cashback & Discount is given when using Hada's physical and/or virtual Debit Card (first year signing/account opening)
  2. Cashback & Additional Discounts when paying with HADACoin, no limit.
  3. Additional Discounts from Partners & Affiliates

Technology At Dbank

HADA DBANK uses a private block code, which is stored on each network node. By default, all nodes are controlled by DBANK HADA. Some nodes store copies of blocking chains and do not participate in the transaction confirmation process (consensus protocol). A node can act as a backup gateway or server node. A node that acts as a validator can be found in the secure segment of the bank's network and can be accessed through the gateway node.

The main kernel database is implemented in a block structure, where each block is a series of transactions. Each new block determines the new status of the kernel according to the state of the previous block. Database integrity is provided by chain blocks and by consensus. Each block is cryptographically linked to the previous block. This feature provides the ability to verify database and transaction history at every step in the future. The main database stores all data sent to the kernel.

Development of Hada DBank and HADACoin

To raise the funds necessary for the full development of the world's first blockchain-based digital banking products and services, Hada DBank will host a crowdfunding campaign through the sale of HADACoin tokens.

HADACoin will be a genuine digital asset to enable users to perform basic and daily banking transactions, convertible to and from fiat and other cryptocurrencies in the DBada Hada platform and debit cards. Under the Ethereum platform, HADACoin benefits from public blockchain transparency and intelligent contract security.

HADACoin will be sold during pre-sale at higher inventory-adjusted prices, starting at level 1 ETH = 2,000 HADACoins for the first 10 million tokens, gradually reducing every 10 million tokens. Flash sales are now direct, with ETH providing participants with 4,000 tokens, for the first 1 million Coins

With the recent acquisitions of several strategic partners, including BPRB, Hada DBank has decided to extend its pre-sale by February 28, 2018, to take advantage of market upgrades and market penetration.

Once the Hada DBank platform is launched, HADACoin will trade on F1Cryptos exchange for the first of many partnership exchange platforms in the pipeline.

HADACoin Distribution

A total of 500 million HADACoin will be issued. 295 Million coins will be offered for sale. Of 295 Million coins, 20 million will be allocated to private investors and institutional buyers. 50 A million coins 275 Million will be released during PRE-ICO practice and the remaining 225 Million coins will be released in our ICO practice in the near future. 10 Million coins will be allocated to the bounty campaign.

HADACoin is an ERC-20 coin made using the Ethereum platform. A total of 500 million HADACoin will be created. HADACoins will have 6 decimal units. More info on HADACoin as stated below:

  • Conducting activities and financial services in our Banking Platform
  • Pay for service using our Debit Card
  • Accept Monetary Gains such as Dividends, Refunds and anything equivalent to depositing them in your Savings Account or utilizing our Investment Solutions
  • Act as collateral when you apply for our Unsecured Loans and Futures
  • Redeem in Crypto-Exchange and earn more profit by increasing HADACoin value!
Target before INOMy softcover = 5000 ETH Hard cap = 20,000 ETH

Please note that the contract address will only display the Hada DBank web page after Pre-ICO commencing on November 16, 2017 (16/11 / 2017-00: 00 EST), after completing the basic information form. This form is for Hada DBank to generate future online accounts, emails, and contributor profiles.

Hada DBank will not send contract address through email, telegram, or any other form of communication, online and offline. If you receive an address in other media, please do not proceed and let us know so we can alert other unsuspecting contributors. Do not send money any other way. Please always refer back to the web page for latest notifications and announcements.

For more information below:

Media Contacts

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Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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