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About Impressio
Impressio Estate, Ltd., is a UK-based cryptocurrency investment platform for users worldwide to invest and grow their money, whether it is paid at once or gradually. We offer unique investment plans for all types of investors. There are many people who do not know how to start investing in cryptocurrency, or simply do not have the time and/or energy to do so. Impressio takes care of all these needs for them and goes above and beyond for their investors.

Impressio is currently focusing on investment opportunities but is proud to enter the lending sector by 2019. There are really some untapped potentials when it comes to the efficiency and transparency of blockchain, and Impressio hopes to maximize opportunities in both investment and lending sectors. This allows Impressio to be in a unique position to benefit from investments and loans.

The company offers a unique strategy when it comes to investing, and allows their investors to even earn an hourly profit. Through private investors, token sales, and plans to enter the lending sector - Impressio is clearly at the start of a very lucrative journey.

Why Impressio

For User:
  • Participation in leading Investment/Lending project.
  • Stable profit accruals based on investment program with the possibility of daily/hourly withdrawals.
  • Fast deposit transfer and instant processing of all withdrawal requests.
  • A comprehensive approach to the development of programs to encourage active users.
  • 24/7 support and a quick solution to any questions that you may encounter.

For Merchants:
  • A unique code which is adaptable to any online platform with a high degree of protection.
  • Use of automatic payment processing - API - with low commission.
  • The ability to make mutual settlements in any liquid cryptocurrency or Impressio tokens.
  • Constant support and updating of the software by experienced developers.
  • High rates of partner reward for local and international Impressio promotion.

For Business Development And Security :
  • Close and mutually beneficial cooperation with the Impressio development team.
  • Guaranteed compensation for identifying software bugs and looking for solutions.
  • The possibility of professional growth and obtaining required skills in the field of web development.

There are many potential and existing cryptocurrency investors that understand the massive potential in the space, but simply do not have the time or energy to find the right investment opportunities. Impressio is happy to handle this for you.

This is why Impressio is such an attractive option. There is a saying, “don’t work for the money, but let the money work for you”, in the investment world. Impressio is dedicated to bringing you returns, whether it is daily, or even hourly! There simply isn’t another platform that is this committed to handling your money the right way.

Impressio also even offers you the opportunity to gain even more passive income through referrals. This way, while Impressio continues to grow your money, you can earn some income through spreading the word about a great platform that can help your friends and family become more financially independent. We understand that when it comes to your hard-earned money, that there are many options. There are many financial experts and advisers that will sell you on the advantages of investing with them, and why they have just the right stocks, in the right sector, tailor made for your risk-reward ratio. Impressio understands this completely, which is why they go out of their way to offer specific plans for investors and their needs.

Key Features.
The Impressio platform opens new opportunities for the development of online business and high earnings for all comers. A promising field of work and sufficient experience in a narrow specialization allow us to maintain high competition and provide us with leadership positions in the market.

Direct deposit enrollment.
The deposit is credited within 1-3 confirmations and depends only on network speed and transaction fees.

Instant profit withdrawals.
All requests of users to withdraw funds are processed instantly and in automatic mode.

Maximum data protection.
The web platform is permanently protected from external threats and scanned daily for malicious code.

Regular accruals.
Depending on the chosen investment strategy, profit is accrued daily, hourly or at the end of the term.

Partnership rewards.
Impressio partnership awards encourage the popularization of online income and offer high rewards for attracting investment through referral links or coupon codes.

Dedicated server.
The team develops all the functionality on a dedicated server of the most high-quality hosting provider.


Today, we are officially launching our investment platform and it's available for investors all over the world. The official start of the company and its registration happened 6 months ago - November 23, 2017. Merely founded, has already drawn a lot of customers and sold almost 10% of all IMPR (Impressio) tokens. Day by day its team is working to make a platform more convenient for regular clients, and to popularize online investments among people far from passive income. And the actual progress is glaringly obvious.

20 January , 2018 SUCCESSFUL ICO STAGE

Impressio is proud to announce that our private ICO stage has successfully concluded, with a total token sale of 10,000,000 IMPR. We are extremely proud of our success, while recognizing that much work is still to be done when it comes to our platform reaching maximum potential. It is important to mention that we are now closing our private ICO sales stage, and transitioning to our new goal of launching our public lending and investment website within 3 months. We are extremely excited to open these opportunities to the public, and truly bring Impressio to the people.

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The advent of the blockchain technology brought about a lot of advantages that were hitherto not possible with the traditional methods of doing business online. Blockchain brought about speed of transaction, trust, security of data, Proof-of-Credit, Smart Contract, etc. thereby making it seamless to transact online business and protect your personal data.
However, blockchain also has its own challenges which include some level of insecurity, lack of trust, interoperability problems, hacking, and a few others which have deliberately slowed down the speed of progress of the technology. bridging the gaps is closing the gap between the disadvantages and the advantages of using the blockchain technology and bringing back the confidence that users have been craving. How exactly are they able to disrupt the status quo? Here are some of the things they are doing differently:

Multiple chains
Nuls makes it possible to exchange data and value among chains as well as provides space for extensive application and make performance better. With this technology, the difficulty in exchanging data among chains which has characterized the ecosystem is now obliterated.
In addition, Nuls helps to modularize (reduce the complexity of blockchain) and create multiple chains to increase flexibility. The creation of modules makes the system easier to use.

Smart Contracts
Trust remains a major issue when doing business. Why?? People can easily renege their promises or disappear with your money without fulfilling their own side of the bargain. However, Nuls provides Smart Contracts, which means that you no longer need much programming to define service logic. With Smart Contract in place, both sides are compelled to fulfill their terms. Since Nuls runs its logic from NULSVM in a decentralized environment, it is difficult for anyone to manipulate.

Scalability provides a solution to the scalability issue that is common with so many blockchain platforms. It constantly improves its network technology, encryption algorithms, storage systems, and independently upgrades its modules for uninterrupted improvement and make things more scalable.

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