Code Of Talent ICO (CODE Token): Blockchain Micro-Learning

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

There are many different focuses for cryptocurrency platforms today because everyone needs something different. Education is a major part of American culture, and the involvement of cryptocurrency may help it to become more effective in raising profits. For the last century, not much about the system has changed, and there are many students that do not get the engagement, content, or even human interaction that they need.

To help with these needs, Code of Talent is launching their platform.

What Is Code of Talent?

With Code of Talent, there are a few main features that investors will find appealing, including:

  • The allocation of tokens through a merit-based system for both educators and students
  • A micro-learning engine that allows 10 minutes of a lesson with direct teacher-participant interactions
  • Recruitment options for other participants to include third parties
  • Advertising for educators to show their brand

Micro-learning is supported with participation by educators and learners, allowing individuals to take in small sessions that are easy to comprehend and provide the chance for additional questions. The courses can only be accessed with token payment for most consumers, but the use of the Code of Talent blockchain will enable consumers to only work with a merit-based appropriation of tokens.

About the Sales and CODE Tokens

The program centers around the use of CODE tokens, which will be available in multiple sales for exclusive deals before it becomes public. There is still over a month to pre-register, which allows investors to get involved in the crowdsale while receiving an incentive of 500 CODE tokens for every successful referral. There will be limits on each of the sales, and the pre-registration will involve a maximum of $28,000,000 in tokens.

In total, once publicly offered, there will be 280,000,000 CODE tokens, and each token will be worth a dollar, making the exchange relatively easy. This platform can be exchanged with ETH only, so consumers will need to exchange their currency for Ethereum tokens before transferring them to the Code of Talent platform.

Roadmap For The Future Of Code Of Talent

With any company, investors want to know where their funds will be going to make them a bigger profit. So far, the company has managed to release the original version as a digital B2B, which happened back in 2016. This micro-learning platform eventually became the beta version of the site in 2017, before it was allocated 1M E European funds for the projects on the B2B platform as the company expanded. At the end of 2017 was when the concept of an open blockchain was finally introduced.

By May 2018, the company will be featured at a San Diego ATD event, following the development of the CoT blockchain platform with Ethereum. In the summer months, the United States and Russian offices will open. From August to October, there will be additional offices established for India, Africa, and Latin America. In November, the company will be opening the prototype for the microlearning platform, which will involve the CoT blockchain.

Though the first version of the platform will be worked on through 2019, the next changes will not be implemented until the first quarter of 2020, which is when the full version 1 comes out. The second version will not be out until the last quarter of that year.

By the end of 2020, Code of Talent plants to have 500,000 learners, 5,000 active educators, and 10,000 micro-learning courses available.

Contacting Code Of Talent

Even though Code of Talent explains the ins and outs of their company, there are always questions that arise. Instead of calling or emailing the company, consumers can fill out the online form at to learn more information.

Code Of Talent ICO Conclusion

Code of Talent helps consumers to promote a better education system and better support for people that want to learn. By using a merit-based token-earning system, consumers will have greater incentive to participate in the lessons. However, there are still opportunities to purchase additional tokens.

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