EIP Platform ICO (EMP Token): eSports Interactive Blockchain

Monday, June 25, 2018

eSports is experiencing a tremendous increase in its popularity among gaming enthusiasts and millennials. With the online gaming audience reaching nearly 500 million and revenue expected to go over $1 billion the industry is only likely to grow into more franchises and clubs. Additionally, there is a growing interest from professional sports teams that are putting their efforts into the gamers with the aim of utilizing the potential of the professional online gaming industry.

However, the recent advancement of blockchain technology is introducing unique opportunities for the eSports industry to reshape its structure. Rather than rely on the typical systems with the sector, eSports players can utilize blockchain technology to play their games, link up with sponsors and other players seamlessly and securely. For those seeking blockchain opportunities in the eSports world, then the next venture plans to unlock a variety of benefits for a participant in the eSports sector.

About Esports Interactive Platform (EIP)

eSports Interactive Platform is a blockchain-based platform that aims to directly link eSports sponsors, gamers, fans and partners on a single platform with potential benefits for all the parties. EIP will additionally leverage the power of blockchain to enable participants to play games, watch live gaming streams, promote the gaming services and products. That will combine the enthusiasts, gamers, gaming brands, and companies.

EIP platform's approach will entail using a model that will include an application, a website, and an API. These features will provide for

  • Ethereum Smart contracts-with the smart contracts the platform will provide the convenience of the transactions with the eSports Interactive Platform token (EMP) as the primary currency.
  • Whisper-interaction between the gaming audience and the brands will happen under the Whisper portal which is a real-time communication platform over Ethereum network
  • IPFS network-with the accumulation of gaming and interaction data, EIP will provide for a decentralized file storage portal with no point of failure or dependence on a central authority
  • LIBP2P- the eSports market nodes will work under the LIBP2P protocol, which is a modular networking stack.
  • React Native-as a convenience to the participants there can also get to build native apps with the React platform
  • Electron- the open source library will combine Node.js and Chromium to facilitate adequate runtime and operations of the applications

Advantages Of EIP To The End User

The EIP gaming ecosystem will offer different strengths to the brands, sponsors, companies, as well as the audiences. Key among those benefits will include
  • Assisting the brands and companies on the basics of the eSports ecosystem and its audience
  • A direct link between eSports companies, merchandise sellers and brands to the gamers, professional teams and eSports audience.
  • Mutually valuable correlation between the eSports industry participants allows for an efficient and seamless gaming world.
  • Companies and brands can efficiently invest in eSports projects and teams thanks to EMP tokens
  • The audience also gets exclusive access to gaming products and services from the companies
The Future Of EIP And eSports

It is evident that blockchain technology can revolutionize the eSports industry. While this may sound like a cliché, the eSports audience is more tech-savvy, and we should expect ventures such as EIP platform to have quick embracing from the individuals. While there are challenges to overcome, EIP platform still has the potential to aid the eSports world to a new rethinking.

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