Review of eCoinomic – platform of financial services for the owners of crypto-assets.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The  platform eCoinomic is designed to provide financial services to crypto-asset holders .Among the services provided will be lending, critical payments, hedging, investment and many other services. The platform will serve for the convenience of its users. The ecosystem based on Ethereum and smart contracts will be transparent and reliable.

Platform  eCoinomic

One of the main services provided by the platform will be lending. Thanks to the huge growth of the cryptographic market, it can be seen as collateral for lending. This will make it possible to significantly change the lending market and take a new look at it, giving individuals to increase their purchasing power, which will be provided by cryptographic loans. There are a huge number of holders of crypto assets who want to preserve and increase their assets, respectively, they positively relate to the idea of providing their funds for use at a certain percentage. Just crypto owners will be able to rely on loans in fiat funds secured by their crypto assets. All users of the platform can make requests for loans, the platform will automatically select the most suitable options for them, which can be used thanks to the smart contract that will be supported by the platform.

The platform will be a real discovery for institutional investors, who will be attracted by high profitability and low financial risks. Lending will not be the only service available on the platform, in addition to it will be available a lot of other tools and services. Among which:


Different types of investments will be available from short-term to long-term investments. On the platform will be given the necessary tools to exercise control over its investment portfolio and the search for other suitable investment targets.

Crypto payments

Integration with major trading platforms such as eBay and Amazon will be implemented.The platform will integrate financial management of services through online payments.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale :From April 4 to June 1

Symbol: CNC

Token type : ERC20

The price per token: 1 CNC = 0,12 USD

Tokens for sale: 1,550,000,000 CNC

Identification: Required

Project resources

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