ZAN Coin ICO: Software Development Life Cycle Crypto Token

Friday, June 8, 2018

What Is ZAN Coin?

The subject of this review, a new startup company called Zan Coin, has the goal of bringing together IT consultant and development to improve how these two areas work. Zan Coin will work on an Ethereum-based platform and will enable people to pay faster and to work in a better way to reach optimized results.

Zan Coin was created by a consulting company with experience with payments and relationship with companies and freelancers in the IT area. It was created by Henrik Madsen (CEO), Todor Boyadzhiev (COO) and Rali Ralev (CTO).

Zan Coin Software Development Life Cycle Crypto Token Offers

The main problem that Zan Coin is trying to solve is payments that are not fast or do not work very well within the structure of the companies. The platform will be created to enable fast payments, grow the motivation of the clients of your company, enable buybacks and give token holders dividends from each product sale.

Something interesting about this company is that each time that one of its products is sold, the company will give tokens to the token holders of the company. They will be able to keep getting money with the success of the company.

Also, Zan Coin will offer to buy back the tokens from the people who invested but did not want to keep the tokens for a long time. You can decide to become an investor of the company and continue to profit or to sell your tokens (which will be like shares) and get your return on investment quicker but stop to earn additional money.

This will ensure the growth of everybody connected to the company, as the developers of the company will get a fair share of the tokens and will start to profit from their work, too, as they will be receiving not only their salary but also shares of the company as payment for their services and the better the service, the better it will be their payment because of how this system was set up.

Zan Coin ICO Details

The Zan Coin token sale will start on May 15. You will be able to buy 1500 ZAN tokens on the pre-sale with 1 ETH, 1200 during the Round 1 and 900 during the Round 2, so obviously you will profit more if you buy them soon. Referrals also enable you to get 5% bonus. The soft cap is 2500 ETH and the hard cap is 10,000 ETH. You can only pay using ETH.

The ZAN tokens have a supply of 17,148,385 tokens, many of which will be sold during the Initial Coin Offering, but a great share of this tokens will be given as the profits of the company later. The dividends will start to be given in July 2018 and the buy-back for the people who do not want to hold the tokens will be in December.

Zan Coin Verdict

This is an investment that is very dependent on a product that is not necessarily what the company seems to be selling. Zan Coin is obviously selling you tokens, but the value of these tokens will depend a lot on how the product actually sells, so take care if you wish to invest in this company’s ZAN tokens.

For more information If you would like to receive additional information about this unique Crypto business offer, please visit ZAN Coin at the official

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