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Friday, July 13, 2018

4New is the first blockchain solution in the world for waste to energy conversion. It’s a tangible and eco-friendly solution that is taking the world by storm. 4New is currently offering coins for investors who are interested in getting involved with the first-ever waste to energy conversion and treatment facility. It will be entirely based on the blockchain network.

What Is 4NEW?

4New is based on the idea that waste to energy conversion is a new necessity. They claim 4New will solve multiple problems that the entire world is facing: waste is in surplus and energy is running out. By using 4New, these social and global issues will be remedied and the environment, and people, will benefit.

The supply chain will go from the collection of waste to the conversion and generation process that will supply electricity. This electricity will be sold in units to the national grid.

Why 4NEW Is Lucrative

On top of the concept behind 4New being a ground-breaking way to reduce waste and produce energy, 4New is also utilitarian in nature. It’s lucrative because everyone uses electricity on a regular basis, and waste will never stop being produced. 4New sees it like this: rather than trying to reduce the amount of waste produced or reduce the amount of energy we consume—since both are inevitable to some degree—why not instead harness the energy that can be produced by this waste? That’s what drives 4New forward.

4New says they will successfully integrate the real-world waste disposal process with blockchain technology to take that waste, convert it to energy, and sell those energy units.

4NEW Coin Offerings

4New is offering coins throughout October, November, and December 2017. The decentralized blockchain network 4New runs on uses the 4New Coins as a currency. These coins will be used in all transactions for acquiring and selling waste and energy. The ledger of 4New will contain all transactions and will display an auditable journal of every purchase and sale 4New carries out. All parties involved or associated with each transaction will be able to see the ledger entry—including potential disputes, reconciliation, and revenue leakage, which will all be controlled as much as possible.

4NEW Blockchain & Token

The 4NEW decentralized, the distributed ledger is where all actors in any industry will be able to transact using the KWATT coin. The coins are smart contracts which establish a binding relationship between transacting parties and provide a value for each transaction.

The ledger will provide an immutable and audit-able journal of all transactions related to purchase and sale of goods and services on the blockchain. With all parties to each transaction being able to see the same ledger entry, costs of reconciliation and the potential issue of disputes and revenue leakage are controlled to a very large extent. This will standardize three industries of Waste, Energy, and cryptocurrencies that are yearning for technological innovation. This will also enable KWATT

KWATT Token currently is an ERC20, Ethereum based smart contract. Upon completion of the blockchain development, the token will be swapped to the KWATT Coin that will interact with our blockchain.  The total coin offering is for three hundred million coins (300,000,000). This is a hard cap limit for the crowd sale offering.

In the beginning, they will generate 10 megawatts of power every hour. 1 megawatt is equivalent to 1000 kilowatts these powers 1000 households per day. This equates to 10000 households a day per hour or the plant will generate enough power 240,000 households a day.

The maximum annual output capacity of the plant is 346 million kilowatts per year. Due to maintenance and general downtime for repairs to the plant, expected annual output capacity is estimated at 300 million kilowatts per year realistically


Users can decide which cryptocurrencies they want to mine with their KWATT Coin power. They will have access to the top twenty minable coins. The configuration will automatically determine the necessary hash rate for the particular coin, and the reward will be credited to the account connected to a 4NEW Wallet.

KWATT Coin mining capacity is pegged to the 4NEW energy output capacity, rather than a fixed mathematical rate. This allows 4NEW to expand their mining capacity to match competitive rates on the network.4

How to purchase in the ICO

You can purchase 4NEW coin KWATT various different ways.  You can purchase via ETH, BTC, PIVX, DASH, Paypal, USD and GBP bank transfers.  When you are ready to purchase you need to have Myetherwallet or some kind of wallet that accepts ERC20 tokens.  Do not send from an exchange address as you will not get any coins and you will not get your coins back.  Depending on how you want to pay they have detailed instructions on how to do it for each payment method.


4NEW Team

With the right team in place, success is assured. They have assembled the finest group of industry experts in the blockchain, energy, business, and marketing to produce a platform built for achievement. Hailing from all over the world, 4NEW is being guided by the best the industry has to offer.  If you look over all of the team members and everyone that is on the advisory board. They have a highly experienced in all of their fields involved at every end of the project.  4NEW has a winning team to forward their project very far in the future.

4NEW ICO Review Conclusion

4NEW looks to be a new great company with a big future because of they a heavy hitter team.  The project itself isn’t over-ambitious and offers a new way of mining and energy use using a blockchain.  The cost of the coin vs the supply is right on target and you could see huge gains on the appreciation of the coin in a few months once they start buying the plants and developing their one of a kind blockchain.  4NEW will have much success because they are the only program with this type of project.  Not to be confused with Power Ledger.  This project actually creates energy and mining resources for the coin holders.  Rather than buying and selling renewable energy on a blockchain like Power Ledger.  4NEW will be a new leader in the mining space with its cheap renewable energy.  Another positive is that they will burn all tokens not sold in the ICO giving this even more potential.  They have already reached their soft cap and will be buying one plant soon.  With the remaining ICO funds, they will buy 2 more plants.  This will drive up the coin price immensely.  At writing this post the price is 1$ a coin and changes 9am est every day to the price of Ethereum.  This is not financial advice but this is a solid ICO.  Invest at your own risk.

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