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Sunday, July 1, 2018

About Trueplay 

TruePlay is a B2B platform with a complex of software solutions for the online gaming business. TruePlay is not a gambling-provider. TruePlay only allows licensed gambling companies access to their software (Software-as-a-service). TruePlay technologies are aimed at developing online gaming and making it as legal and as transparent as possible from any point of view. Playing games with the honesty control, based on blockchain technologies, players can be sure that it is impossible to falsify the game outcome. Game statistics gives an understanding that games do meet world standards and are not tuned for losing.

Trueplay Platform

TruePlay is a B2B platform with a complex of software solutions for online Gambling business. TruePlay is not a Gambling-provider. TruePlay only allows licensed Gambling companies access to their software (Software-as-a-service). TruePlay technologies are aimed at developing online Gambling and making it as legal and transparent as possible from any point of view.

Trueplay Token

To finance the development of the platform and the introduction of the TruePlay token, as well as the formation of Jackpot prize funds and the financial reserve to guarantee any payout to the player, the TruePlay team decided to start a token sale. In the course of the token sale, TruePlay tokens will be sold, and will be used by market participants for mutual payments, that means circulation within the ecosystem of Gambling and Gambling.


Financial fraud
Carding, payments from stolen plastic cards are long-standing problems for operators of gambling sites. Nowadays more than 33% of operators indicate this problem in the segment (according to a survey conducted by the research department of CASEXE). The operator is practically powerless against this type of fraud because they cannot prove the fact of providing the service, even if the payment was made by the cardholder himself.

Players mistrust and the high cost of creating a brand
Operators and game providers invest huge amounts of money in licensing, building a brand and gaining trust from players. At the same time,  as soon as the brand becomes popular, immediately there are copies of projects that are apparently indistinguishable from the original, but with altered game mathematics and problems in paying out winnings. Such copies damage the reputation of brands, selecting a part of the audience that once has faced fraud. These players will never again trust the original project.

Key solutions


  • TruePlay payment gate
  • Decentralized CDN
  • Transparent affiliate program
  • Unified KYC/AML in the platform
  • Reserve for paying winnings
  • Absence of fraud

  • Guarantee of immediate payments to side the platform  
  • Full and transparent game statistics in blockchain
  • Blockchain honesty control system  
  • Convenient and fast payments using the TPLAY token
  • Authorization with a unified TruePlay login
Game provides
  • Decentralized CDN  
  • Unified integration
  • Expanding the audience
  • Full transparency of the entire life cycle of the player on all TruePlay projects
  • Instant payments by smart-contracts
Game Providers

Game developers – creators of game content, game mechanics and game math. There are dozens of game providers, players whose content can be seen in almost any online casino. These are such giants as:
  • NetEnt is one of the most popular and sought-after game providers in the world. The company’s annual report for the year 2016 shows that NetEnt handles 68k gaming transactions per minute, resulting in a profit of 149.1 million euro.
  • Microgaming has developed and served more than 450 slots, which are translated into 45 languages.
  • Evolution Gaming specializes in developing and providing games for live casinos.
  • Spinomenal has developed more than hundreds of HTML5 slots.
Honesty Control

TruePlay offers to increase the speed of the game, leaving all the logic of gaming transactions on the platform (offchain) servers, and blockchain to use as FairPlay system, publishing only a hash of a series of game rounds previously created for the player. This approach, unlike approaches suggested in other projects in one form or another with the release in the blockchain with the RNG mechanisms or its initial seed, allows:

TruePlay will be using TruePlayBC for the following purposes:
  • Financial transactions with high speed – deposits and payments, payments to partners and merchants, payments between operators and gaming providers, etc.
  • Publishing and downloading full and aggregated data from gaming providers to verify platform payments.
  • Publishing and downloading data for the affiliate program, including showcases, transfers, sign-ups, player binding, statistics and smart contracts for partners’ payments.
  • Publishing, verifying, routing and distributed content delivery for the TruePlayAPK system.
Affiliate Program

To protect webmasters and ensure the transparency of all mutual payment, the TruePlay team is actively developing the affiliate program based on the benefits of blockchain technologies and smart contracts. Using the affiliate program TruePlayPartners will make it impossible to manipulate the attracted players.

Participants of the affiliate program will receive fully automated mutual payment system. The operator can’t in any way affect the payment processor change the balance or statistics of the player.



  • Mageramov Oleksiy CEO
  • Makarchuk Stanislav CTO
  • Dmitriy Shvets CIO
  • Ragozin Oleksii COO
  • Rogovoy Nikita Head of programming
  • Besedin Rodion Blockchain architect
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