Meritt Protocol : Decentralised Token Creation for Everyone

Sunday, July 22, 2018

About Meritt

Meritt is an open protocol for the independent creation and maintenance of peer-to-peer financial contracts for Blockchain. Unique decentralized platform, which today will be in great demand and popular. However, the intellectual contract is a real guarantee of high quality transaction execution. The Meritt project is ideal for decentralized fundraising, funding tokens, and more!

Open protocol for chain formation and peer-to-peer financial contract performance 

In this case, you can consider a simple algorithm for using the Meritt platform:

  • Setting goals for new contracts. Meritt's financial contract complies with the ERC20 standard, which sets the basis for token transfers and separations. Transfers can be restricted to closed user groups and temporarily suspended (tokens can be frozen).
  • Dynamic payment channels. Any payment from the token publisher of the contract (eg, dividend payment by the company) to the pool member is automatically transferred to the wallet in respect of where the published token is stored. The allocation takes into account the proportional distribution of the underlying asset.
  • Voting and two-way communication. Voting mechanisms can be public, and votes are transferred directly to the contract for evaluation. Alternatively, votes may be private, and only hashes are submitted to the contract to ensure authenticity of the voice.

Two-way information channel: The contract token publisher can send messages through smart contract to all Participants to comply with the information obligations. Participants can send a message to the publisher when a contract is required.
  • Simplicity creates contracts and their implementation. Through the Merit dApp networking network, companies seek funding, create and issue financial contracts, appropriate contract tokens are struck and placed in special distribution contracts, which automatically send the contract token when receiving payments from participants (such as vending machines).

  • Database to save the created contract. Participants and observers may request the Meritt register to obtain data on the existence of the Meritt contract (to the extent available publicly), as well as data on events related to each contract.
  • Datastore Framework. Allow Meritt users to manage and provide identity and other personal information in a consistent environment and provide limited access to their data. The data itself can be placed independently or stored in a distributed data store.
What is the problem of saving the project?

There is a problem described below. Increase in corporate debt: unused eyes are listed as liabilities. The decline in demand and the decline in demand for consumer ratings adversely affect the company’s commitment to more important and financial reviews. The lower achievable loyalty program: with low looks, the company can not reach its loyalty program, as expected. Low awareness of how to calculate social costs for customers and trade.

Complexity of the control point. Eighteen stored programs, different, make it difficult to maintain the eyes and fill the cup. This platform will be profitable. Platform stitches can be used by users and businesses. Use merit MTT to replace the memory point or eye marker. Users can access ads through ad channels, rather than affiliates.

With Meritt Wallet, you can simultaneously manage multiple users at the same time. Companies have access to more customers so that they can sell their products in accordance with the instructions. The exchange model of dignity helps companies reduce their responsibility with the impression. Couples can contribute to greater customer loyalty when eating and eating. 

Meritt.What is the problem with the project being terminated?

There is a problem as described below. Increased corporate liability: Unused points are recorded as liabilities. Due to reduced demand and reduced demand in consumer ratings, it has a negative impact on corporate obligations on more important and financial outlook. low performance loyalty program: Due to the low eye usage, the company can not achieve the performance of the loyalty program as expected. Low efficiency, how to determine social costs for customers and businesses.

Complexity of control points: the average of 29 stored, different programs makes it difficult to control the eye and cause the time of the glass to be filled. This platform will be profitable. Platform seats can be used by consumers and companies. Use Merit MTT to merge network markers or points at Point of Store. Users may access promotions through advertising channels to access ads from related companies.

Meritt  Wallet allows you to manage and integrate multiple friends at once. The company has access to more customers, allowing them to sell their products on lead. Meritt's exchange  model  helps companies reduce their responsibilities effectively. Partners can encourage greater customer loyalty by using food and work-saving. Meritt


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