ZIXX Masternode Cryptocurrency: Premium Charity Projects Rewards

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Crypto-currency can be a bit complicated to navigate, but it doesn't have to be with ZIXX.

What Is ZIXX Masternode Cryptocurrency?

ZIXX is a new digital currency that will be making some serious waves in the cyber world due to the companies bells and whistles that are enticing investors from all walks of life to join. With an easy-to-use platform that allows anyone to set-up and run a masternode in no time, its no wonder there is a buzz around this new digital currency.

So if you are someone who has limited to no coding skills, but is still looking for a company to invest and make some money with, look no further than ZIXX.

How ZIXX Premium Charity Projects Rewards Works

When it comes to the world of cryptocurrencies, it would seem that the market is stocked to the brim. Each new coin that comes out is trying to find a foothold in cyberspace. With ZIXX, their niche comes in many different shades.

Overall though, they are a company that is looking to give back to the community. After all, their motto is to leave things better than how they found them. With that, ZIXX has structured their currency to give back to the community through various charity projects.

With ZIXX, any member of the community can submit a proposal to any registered charity to receive funding. That's right, any registered charity. If you happen to have a soft spot for stray animals that need rescuing to breast cancer or even veterans, all you have to do is send a proposal on who you think should receive funding and ZIXX will vote on how the charity funds collected will be spent.

But charity projects are just one aspect of ZIXX that helps it stand out from the crowded marketplace of the digital currencies. ZIXX, a premium third-generation masternode also offers instant and private transactions to all its members. Plus the currency includes high rewards (80% to Masternode Holders, 10% to research and development, and 10% to the miners). But that's not all. ZIXX also has low maximum coin supply with low emission rates and a full-time team to answer any questions you have about the company or the currency.

The Future Of ZIXX Masternode Cryptocurrency

So far, ZIXX has done remarkably well during its pre-launch stage. Now that it has gone live, it has tapered down a bit. The price for a single coin is $2.967 (USD) making it a good investment with little to no risk. XZX coin supply is at 162,497 with a market cap of $482,186.774. When you compare XZX coin to Bitcoin, you are looking at 0.000372. Now, that doesn't mean that the XZX isn't worth your attention.

Like so many other digital currencies invading the marketplace, ZIXX offers something unique that no other cryptocurrency is doing at the time and that is giving a select amount of nodes to charity each quarter.

Plus with the high yield earning potential for this coin, and 80% of the profits going to the masternodes, it’s no wonder there aren't more people jumping on the bandwagon to get coins. After all, with the low price right now, it is set to show some exploding results in the next few months.

Right now, ZIXX is hitting it big in Europe. There are a few spots in the United States that have jumped on this currency, but in time, XZX could be a real contender with digital currencies like Bitcoin Cash. However, ZIXX is easier to use than some of the other crypto-currencies and Blockchain technologies. The earning potential is there for those who are willing to invest. The only way to get your hands on XZX is through CryptoBridge and at a low price of $2.96, what do you have to lose?

ZIXX has built a fantastic plan with their business model, and now that it has gone live, all is set to make XZX a contender in the world of crypto technologies. All you have to do is join the community and reap the rewards.

Other benefits of  Zixx is include in:

Low Maximum Coin Supply: 22 million coins
Low Coin Emission Rate: ~100k per month
Zixx Bot: Tip, gamble or participate in a shared node via the friendly Zixx Bot in the Discord community

Zixx coin, XZX, specs are carefully modelled to avoid volatility and offer the best reward for investors. Currently, XZX price for a single coin is at $1.475 (USD) making it a good investment with little to no risk. The coin supply is at 311,578 XZX, with a market cap of $459,677.509.

Finally, Zixx cryptocurrency masternode,,  could shape the future of the crypto economy. They offer an exciting way of generating passive income without significant effort. ZIXX has built a fantastic plan with their business model, all is set to make XZX a contender in the world of crypto technologies.

I finished the article I made, so how do you think Zixx Coin? Are you interested to try mining Zixx Coin? Hopefully you are interested.!


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