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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

CyberMiles targets to empower the decentralization of online marketplaces. Find out how it works nowadays in our review.

Update: Cybermiless (CMT token) has been listed on Binance, Okex and CoinMarketCap, currently the CMT transaction volume on Binance is larger than Okex (722 BTC). The price on Binance is fluctuating at 0.03 USD. It is expected to add more floors in the future. You can buy and sell CMT on Binance floor right now, see instructions for buying and selling coins on Binance here.

What is Cybermiles?

Cybermiles (CMT) is a blockchain technology being developed and operated by 5xlab - a blockchain research and development institute. 5xlab cooperates with 5miles - a world-class expert group from My and China. 5miles was founded in 2014 and has raised about $ 62 million from well-known investment firms such as IDG, SIG, Blue Lake and Morningside.

5miles intends to be the first platform to use CryberMiles' blockchain protocol, while supporting 5xlab for more robust technology development. 5miles has been a leader in innovation in online markets and offline for 3 years, 5miles has enjoyed the technology and trade required to renew blockchain technology and smart contracts for practical applications.

5xlab will search for solutions to apply their expertise to developing CyberMiles with the trust and dedication of the development team. This will help CyberMiles become the leading blockchain technology for practical business activities.

Brief introduction about 5miles

5miles is a business standing in the top of e-commerce in the world, connecting consumers with consumers (c2c) in the US. Currently the company's top app is called 5miles application and there are up to 10 million registered users in the US, according to estimates exceeding US $ 3 billion in total transaction value in 2017.

Besides, 5miles app is also ranked in the top 10 best shopping apps in the US. On average, 5miles users spend 24 minutes a day for the application, which is an important factor that makes 5miles application one of the most attractive e-commerce applications in the US.

5miles is run by Dr. Lucas Lu, formerly a co-founder and chief technology officer (CTO) of Light In the Box, a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). . In addition, Lucas used to be the first executive director of Alibaba's Taobao mobile platform.

What difference does CyberMiles and Ethereum have?

CyberMiles (CMT) is developed specifically for trading and commercial applications. Commonly used platforms tend to be less effective for contracts that govern specific commercial transactions, because those platforms are not born to serve these purposes. In contrast, CM is currently being developed to build intelligent contracting modules to maximize the effectiveness of the information technology needed for timely transaction completion.

CyberMiles is the next generation blockchain for smart contracts. CyberMiles smart business contracts are designed to be more powerful than the smart contracts of Ethereum. It will become the next Ethereum generation (ETH).

Cybermiles is optimized for e-commerce applications. It will provide an immense library for smart business deals involving e-commerce. This has created a powerful CyberMiles capable of establishing decentralized commercial applications.

Like ETH of Ethereum, applications created from CyberMiles are able to use CMT to release their own ICO. The number of more than $ 1 trillion is the size of the market for e-commerce applications.

CyberMiles can support tens of thousands of transactions (TPS) per second through the most advanced stage of combining the most advanced ideas and the most advanced features of the Proof of Stake (PoS) engine has been Consensus. According to the charter signed on the contract, today Ethereum only supports 10 TPS.

Because CMT is optimized for e-commerce use, it is designed to simplify authorization payments like Ripple (XRP). XRP arranges transactions between major banks while the task of CMT is to arrange transactions between e-commerce and financial units where each unit is provided with the same capabilities and powers. any unit has the right to initiate a conversation.

CyberMiles Features

CyberMiles advertises all of the following facets for its blockchain-based marketplace;

Experienced Team:
5miles has large ride leading net companies, and they’ve already launched one of the world’s biggest customer marketplaces.

Commercial Applications:

CyberMiles has declared that its ecosystem is equipped for industrial use, and its smart contracts can be utilized to resolve real marketplace needs. They diagram to combine these modules into their current 5miles ecosystem to prove its use in a massive and lively marketplace.

Open Collaboration and Development:

5miles plans to establish a CyberMiles contracts market where CyberMiles application modules can be licensed or at the same time developed with different platforms.

Balance Between Efficiency and Compatibility:

Traditional blockchains emphasize decentralization and compatibility throughout networks at the price of efficiency. This can limit the appeal and usability for end applications. CyberMiles, on the other hand, will center of attention on industrial applications and use protocols to ensure the excellent balance between vertical effectiveness and community compatibility.

Overall, CyberMiles sees its platform as the best ecosystem for improvement – particularly amongst business companies seeking a effective P2P marketplace solution. 

Who’s Behind CyberMiles?

CyberMiles is a collaborative project from 5xlab, a blockchain research laboratory, along with 5miles, a consumer-to-consumer platform with 12 million users in the United States. 5miles was formed in 2014 by a team from China and the United States and has raised $62 million USD from investment firms like SIG, IDG, Morningside, and Blue Lake. The 5miles platform launched in 2015 and quickly became one of the top 10 largest shopping apps. Today, the app claims to have 12 million active users while conducting $3 billion in transactions every year.

5miles was founded by Dr. Lucas Lu, CEO, who was previously a co-founder and CTO of Light in the Box. Prior to that, Dr. Lu was the first GM of Alibaba’s Taobao Mobile platform.

Full details of the team and their experience are available online at

Final Word

CyberMiles is a blockchain platform built by 5miles, one of the world’s leading consumer-to-consumer marketplaces, in partnership with 5xlab, a blockchain technology company. The goal is to create a platform catered specifically for commercial and marketplace use. The platform consists of smart contracts, a virtual machine, middle-layer off-chain software stacks, and other features.

CMT is available at the following exchanges

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