Wednesday, May 8, 2019

About the project

The new decentralized undertaking – SESSIA - will allow realising this concept. SESSIA is a special solution to all the above problems, thanks to which entrepreneurs will eventually have direct get admission to to their clients and will be capable to inspire them for every purchase.

You might also suppose that such initiatives have already took place and this is not news. But agree with me later, I will provide an explanation for the idea of SESSIA in greater detail and you will see how a great deal distinction between them and SESSIA.

Principle of operation

In order to consolidate the information I suggest to reflect consideration on a small instance of user interaction and for instance some coffee using SESSIA system.

You decide to buy coffee, pay for it and get your goods, as nicely as a check which includes a unique code. The seller scans this code via SESSIA, after which the machine identifies the client's ID and publishes in his social community the accomplished purchase, the gathered cashback, as well as the Commission earnings obtained as a result of the recommendation to his friends. Everything works very quickly, and most importantly successfully and except any hitches.

Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate intermediaries such as marketing corporations and social networking between companies and customers, regardless of location or origin. In Sessia, manufacturers can directly talk with customers and reward them to make purchases and to promote their products to others through crypto-cashback worldwide. Such an strategy allows the organization to distribute advertising budget amongst the human beings who virtually convey in new purchasers besides paying a third birthday party for advertising.

To emerge as a real international service, we pulled out our “kick” token. Kick is designed to supply the quickest and most inexpensive answer working worldwide cashback without being confined to the regulatory gadget of each country. Cryptocurrency not simply some other kick, but a actual tool of interaction between all contributors of the social market. As a result, we can considerably extend the use of cryptocurrencies can in the actual economy.


The blessings of the SESSIA platform over other decentralized tasks is that SESSIA really creates an surroundings for verbal exchange between both parties, without taking an active part and except charging large fees. It is a pleasure to work with SESSIA, due to the fact in its Arsenal there is a large range of tools, both for entrepreneurs and for buyers.

Entrepreneur: gets access to all the features that contribute to the configuration of their structures of incentives, where each sets their personal minimal and Maxim, are handy to clearly everyone.

User: additionally gets a total social surrounding the place he can make purchases, get hold of cashback, as well as share your feedback about the purchased product, invite your friends and acquire extra commissions for the purchase of your friends.

Token Distribution

IEO soon Bitforex

SESSIA will sell the IEO on Bitforex and it will be finished so we are waiting for an official announcement.



In conclusion, I would like to say that such a task has each danger of success in the improvement of the blockchain technology and convey earnings to its investors in the near future. A team of professionals, which stands at the origins, a clear development plan, ideological and relevance makeSessia superior platform that helps the cryptocurrency sphere to make a leap forward in the future.

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