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Friday, June 28, 2019

Today, IEO Blockium is our guest. What does this startup intend to do? First of all, it implements a wide range of technological capabilities of the P2P market. Now we are waiting for even more interesting features with which you have never crossed paths before.

This approach will allow integrating the entire system as a whole to the highest level of the financial market, and only peering technologies will be used. We are seeing a combination of games and finance. Also, traders will have the opportunity to increase trading skills and at the same time receive high profits, and with minimal risk.

Trading stocks, cryptocurrency becomes even more profitable, as they use advanced technologies in the work, namely blockchain. It is important to note that the architecture of the code itself, including the variety of libraries, will open up unlimited possibilities for users. as well as marketing channels and so on.

Great news are coming to the BOK holder and the ecosystem.

Token holders will earn more! BTC trading, BOK dividends and staking and more!

BOK BTC initial bonus:

Any BOK deposited to the Blockium app in advance of the listing day will enjoy a bonus of up to 10% in BTC according to certain conditions. We chose to reschedule the listing until 11/7/2019 (listing will happen on 11/7/2019 on both Bitforex and Coineal) to allow the token holder to have time to benefit from this bonus.

The bonus will be transferred to your Blockium account, and you will be able to use it to enter competitions on the app. If you bought BOK in the IEOs, you will need to create a Blockium account and from the Blockium app, send a screenshot of your BitForex or Coineal account, as well as proof of your identity.

BTC trading:

Blockium app competitions entrance fees and prizes will all be in BTC. It will also be possible to deposit and withdraw BTC to the Blockium app. BTC withdrawal will depend on the participation volume in Blockium competitions.

BOK will still serve an important incentive staking role explained below.

BOK dividends POOL:

All the BOK currently in user accounts will be considered as part of the BOK dividends pool. The maximum amount of BOK in the pool will be 20% of the total BOK supply. The balance of the pool will always be the sum of the amount of BOK currently in the Blockium users’ accounts. Every user who holds a stake in this pool will be able to collect dividends from the company. In the first stage, the company will pay 10% of its revenue from the Blockium app back into the pool. These dividends will be paid on a weekly basis, and will come from the revenue collected from the entry fees of the competitions on the Blockium app. The holders of BOK will receive dividends based on their stake in the pool. For example, if you hold 1% of the BOK in the pool, then you will receive 1% of the dividends.

BOK deposits and withdrawals will be available (together with the BTC deposits and withdrawals mentioned above), however in order to receive the BOK dividends, BOK staking must be made which means that the dividend calculation will only take into account the user BOK balance which was not part of a deposit in the last week prior to the dividends calculation. This means that if a user had 1000BOK and then during the week withdrew 500BOK and then deposited 2000BOK, then the dividends calculation for that week will take 500BOK into account while the dividends calculation of the week after it, in case the user did not make any BOK withdrawals/deposits, will take 2500BOK into consideration.

The more BOK that you hold, the more money you stand to make from the dividends. The dividends will be payed in BOK which will also increase your BOK balance for future dividends calculations (unless you withdraw some of it). You can also obtain more BOK by purchasing it on the exchanges and depositing it in your Blockium account.

In the future we will also add BOK dividends calculated per user by the total amount of participation fees volume of the user during a period.

Blockium is excited about these new opportunities and hopes that its users will be too! The most popular currency BTC will be traded on Blockium, while BOK will be staked for dividends.

Dear BOK Holder,

We understand your thoughts about the reschedule, but it’s very important that you understand that we have made this decision for the holders and the ecosystem benefit. We believe it is the best decision for the token holders and for the stability of the token price in the short and long term.

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Blockium is a product of Fokoya gaming company which doubles up as a platform to combine gaming with real investment in the stock markets. Blockium is the company’s aggravated shift to include cryptocurrency into their list of finance-based gaming platforms with a fantasy sports model. Moreover, Fokoya prides itself on having several already existing financial gaming platforms and a working database for those interested in cryptocurrency.

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